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Harvard’s economist warns Hong Kong could trigger world recession

Economist Carmen Reihart believes the Hong Kong protests could cause a significant global economic slowdown in the long run.

Asian markets mostly rise on optimism for trade, stimulus

Signs of easing tensions in the China-US trade war bring cheer to investors.

Germany warns of possible recession, mulls stimulus

Having seen a decline in trade against the backdrop of the US-China trade war, Europe's biggest economy will enter what it technically defines as a recession should GDP shrink further.

Dow posts biggest one-day drop since October as recession fears take...

All three major US indexes close down about 3% as the US Treasury yield curve temporarily inverted for the first time in 12 years, triggering recession fears.

Goldman Sachs raises concerns of US recession as trade war continues

The US investment bank no longer expects a trade deal before the 2020 presidential election, as threatened new tariffs take effect.

The US dollar looks like a wrecking ball to some investors

Donald Trump gets the headlines, but he’s not the only one worried that the dollar’s remarkable ascent is causing economic harm.

Brexit turmoil drives UK economy towards recession

The government's official forecaster last month warned that Britain would slide into a year-long recession should it leave the EU without a deal.

UK may be entering full-blown recession, says budget watchdog

The Office for Budget Responsibility says the UK economy appears to have flat-lined or possibly contracted in the second quarter.

Unprepared UK facing highest risk of recession since 2007

Resolution calculates that the past five recessions cost an average of one million jobs in the UK.

Singapore heading for recession next quarter

Grim export numbers add to the Singapore economy’s warning signs, says Maybank research.

Lira rallies as opposition bags landslide victory in Istanbul

As investors buy high-yielding emerging-market assets in general, the Turkish lira will also probably enjoy such general sentiment.

At least 30 Venezuelan migrants missing after boat sinks

It's the third such boat carrying Venezuelan migrants to capsize in the last month, with a total of 80 people now missing.

Shrinking factory activity nothing to worry about, says economist

Geoffrey Williams says it's all part of a cycle, while Yeah Kim Leng speaks of a silver lining in trade diversion.

Factory activity shrinks across Asia, global recession fears mount

Factory activity contracts in most Asian countries as an escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing raised fears of a global economic downturn.

Turkey enters first recession in a decade

The recession presents a hurdle for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the lead up to the country's upcoming elections.

Inventory slump hits Germany as economy barely avoids recession

The overall result means Germany barely avoids a recession in the fourth quarter after the economy shrank in the previous three months.

Venezuela: Another black eye for Chinese economic diplomacy

Venezuela is wracked by recession and hyperinflation despite the fact that Beijing has expended vast amounts of credit to Caracas for oil shipments and infrastructure deals.

UK recession risk in next year climbs to 30%, economists say

The probability of two consecutive quarters of negative growth has increased to 30%, the highest since the end of 2016, the survey of 10 economists found.

Japan recession risk rises on US-China trade war, global slowdown

Japan has felt the indirect impact of the US-China trade war because it makes equipment and supplies used by Chinese manufacturers of semiconductors, mobile phones and other products.

Germany avoids recession despite 2018 growth slowdown

Economic growth sank to 1.5% in 2018 from 2.2% in the previous two years.

Sabah MCA: The economy is in trouble, PH has failed

Sabah MCA Wanita chief Dr Pamela Yong says the ringgit has weakened and the price of oil, on which Budget 2019 revenue significantly rested, has plummeted.

Argentina in recession as economy shrinks again

The IMF predicts that Argentina's economy will shrink by 2.6% this year and another 1.6% in 2019.

10 years after the recession, Americans wake up to rising prices

Announced by companies during the most recent earnings season, these price hikes have typically ranged from 2% to 10%.

Why do investors hate everything? Maybe paranoia, JPMorgan says

Investors now overreact to even modest changes late in cycles after not foreseeing the financial crisis.