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Penang fishermen ask governor to intervene in reclamation projects

Fishermen say Penang’s fresh seafood at stake in reclamation race.

BN, not PH, approved Butterworth reclamation, says Penang exco man

He says the government will have to pay huge penalties if this 1999 contract is cancelled now.

Now, Butterworth fishermen have to contend with reclamation

Fishermen’s association calls on Penang government to cancel reclamation off Butterworth.

Reclamation only as last resort, says Penang PKR

State deputy chairman Sim Tze Tzin says there will be serious environmental effects on sea life and the livelihood of the fishing community.

Penang ‘pleads’ for RM10 bil from PM to fund LRT

The funds will allow Penang government to reduce the size of its 3-island reclamation plan in the south, says Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.

Reclamation hurt us badly, say Tanjung Tokong fishermen

They urge southern coastal fishermen to oppose three-island project or seek a better deal to ensure a better future for themselves.

3-island reclamation is an exercise in futility

The powers that be must abandon this quixotic reclamation project and subject the Penang Transport Master Plan to an independent review.

Better not to reclaim 3 islands at all, SAM tells Penang...

Environmental group says doing so will save precious fisheries resources and the funds can be rerouted for more important projects.

Fishermen want compensation in kind, not cash, over 3-islands project

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says the Penang government will be holding fresh talks with the fishermen affected by the reclamation.

No federal approval yet for Penang reclamation, says minister

Agriculture minister Salahuddin Ayub says the federal government is awaiting more reports and feedback on the state government's proposal to create three man-made islands.

Najib: Why federal funds now for PTMP?

Former PM contrasts federal offer now and the state's refusal to accept federal funds before, when BN was in control.

Penang South Reclamation affects fisheries industry drastically

The total annual economic value of fishing there is about RM136 million at present.

Singapore battles existential threat with new master plan for space

Singapore’s master development plan outlines a strategy for the next 10-15 years for the city state.

Scrap 3 islands project, seek other ways to fund PTMP, say...

The non-governmental organisations say having an efficient and affordable public transportation system is the answer, not increasing the land bank.

Bad move to give green light to Penang’s three-island project, says...

Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka) asks if the reclamation work is financially viable.

Penang-based NGOs shocked over approval for 3-island project

CAP and Sahabat Alam Malaysia are concerned over the environmental and financial costs to Penang if the mega reclamation project and subsequent transport master plan are implemented.

CM: Expand Penang airport first, then do Kulim

Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce meet state government to express concern over the Kulim project.

Reclaimed islands will be owned by Penang govt

They will be used for affordable housing, and commercial and industrial opportunities.

Reclamation company denies dumping mud in Penang waters

Company responds to claims by a group of fishermen and NGOs that it dumped mud waste in the waters of Penang.

Scale down PTMP if billion-ringgit loan not forthcoming, Penang told

A review will not cost much compared to the 'crippling' RM46 billion price tag for the transport master plan, says coalition of NGOs.

We weren’t consulted on 3-islands reclamation plan, say some Penang fishermen

They claim only a select group of fishermen were briefed by the Penang authorities and that the project will damage marine life and force them to go further offshore.

Penang’s 3 islands could rival Singapore one day, says Gamuda

The holding company of those involved in reclaiming three islands south of Penang island sees good times ahead through the project.

Penang revives plan to reclaim land off Butterworth coastline

The state signs a supplementary agreement with the company given the project to reclaim land in 1999 as part of a deal to relocate squatters.

BN’s Sungai Dua rep most likely to lead Penang opposition

Muhamad Yusoff Mohd Noor is one of only three opposition assemblymen in the state.