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Going biological for a better way to deal with waste

Malaysian Nature Society says it may cost more but would solve many problems with land, transport, maintenance and health.

SE Asia looks to Taiwan as recycling pioneer

Reducing waste is becoming a global priority amid growing calls for more aggressive action on climate change and plastic pollution.

Getting to zero: The Japan town trying to recycle all its...

In the small Japanese town of Kamikatsu, residents aims to be "zero-waste" by 2020.

Another 132 containers with plastic waste found in Butterworth port

This brings the total number of containers with unclaimed plastic waste from various countries at the port to almost 400.

Only clean, used plastic can be imported, says Selangor DoE

Selangor DoE says dirty and contaminated plastic needs to be cleaned first before being recycled but the dirt from such plastic will then pollute drains and rivers.

Return to sender: Malaysia to send back 60 containers of waste...

Environment minister Yeo Bee Yin also issues a warning to Malaysians involved in the import of waste from other countries.

Mia Larsson and & Other Stories are recycling oyster shells into...

Mia Larsson is known for giving a second life to raw materials extracted from the sea.

Get on board with waste-to-energy plants, Zuraida urges critics

The housing and local government minister says such plants are needed to clean up the accumulated rubbish in the country

China plastic waste ban throws global recycling into chaos

Many plastic recycling plants popped up in Southeast Asia as China stopped accepting plastic waste.

Environmentalist: Radio, TV better than billboards to discourage single-use plastics

#TakNakStraw founder Mareena Yahya Kerschot recalls the 'Recycle, that's what you do' jingle of the early 1990s.

Garbage separation drive turning out to be a wasted effort?

Three years after a law on waste separation came into effect, many Malaysians are still indifferent to the idea.

Why are we so far behind in waste management?

The current system does not encourage the separation of rubbish at its source as it makes no difference to the people who operate the system or the collectors and landfill operators.

Slow recycler Turkey seeks better uses for its trash

Turkey ranks 108th with a score of 52.96 in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), produced by the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy, that analyses the environmental performance of 180 nations.

We won’t let Malaysia become a dump for plastic waste, says...

The minister says a high level committee has been set up to stop the import of plastic waste.

Be specific on single-use plastic, government told

NGOs say a clear definition of the term is needed to eliminate the use of disposable plastic by 2030.

Chinese companies cashing in on trash

China currently has about 50 publicly traded waste-management companies, more than a dozen with market values exceeding US$1 billion.

Garbage piles up in US as China closes door to recycling

China claims that recycled materials from the US are contaminated.

China’s plastic recyclers go abroad as import ban bites

Now, countries in Southeast Asia, already struggling with their own domestic waste problems, will have to grapple with the same issues as trash imports increase.

Plastics producers gear up for shift to circular economy

Local waste management experts are confident Malaysia has the capability to design manufacturing that channel waste back into the production cycle to be reused as a raw material.

Recycling rubbish into revenue – the scheme bringing hope to women...

Al Salam hopes her involvement in a new rubbish collection and recycling scheme that aims to alleviate the poverty of both refugees and locals and bring the two communities closer will help turn things around.

Getting a new gadget? Don’t just dump the old one

Malaysians are not aware that many electronic items contain non-biodegradable materials, but can be refurbished and used again, says an e-waste company.

Recycling plastic, Japan-style

Japan has its own unique methods of recycling plastic.

People around the world join war on plastic

All over the world, people are attempting to reduce their use of plastic.

With ‘unforgettable bag’, Tesco pays shoppers to cut plastic waste

The bag, which gets customers a 20 sen rebate each time it is used, is made from a recyclable plastic that is more durable than conventional plastic bags.