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Sept 23 hearing for Riza’s transfer application to High Court

The stepson of former prime minister Najib Razak is accused of money laundering in relation to funds allegedly appropriated from 1MDB.

Riza Aziz boleh dituduh walaupun kesalahan di luar negara, kata DPP

Timbalan pendakwa raya berkata Amla membenarkan pendakwaan dibuat terhadap rakyat negara ini walaupun kesalahan berlaku di luar negara.

The law allows Riza Aziz to be charged in Malaysia, says...

Civil settlement in the US did not clear Najib Razak's stepson from criminal charges, says a member of the prosecution team.

Riza Aziz dibebas dengan jaminan SPRM

Peguamnya, Azrul Zulkifli Stork berkata Riza Aziz akan hadir untuk menghadapi pendakwaan di mahkamah esok.

Riza Aziz freed on MACC bail

His lawyer, Azrul Zulkifli Stork, says Riza will appear in court on Friday to face charges.

SPRM tahan Riza Aziz

Sumber berkata, beliau akan didakwa sebagai pemilik Red Granite kerana menerima wang haram dari sebuah syarikat dikaitkan dengan Jho Low.

MACC arrests Riza Aziz

Sources say he will be charged as the owner of Red Granite with receiving laundered money from a company associated with Jho Low.

1MDB: Red Granite bayar RM234 juta penyelesaian kepada AS

Sumber industri berkata, dana itu akan dikembalikan kepada kerajaan Malaysia sebaik sahaja 'yuran pemprosesan tertentu' dibayar.

Red Granite pays off RM234 million settlement with US over 1MDB

Variety reports that the production company paid the final instalment some four months ahead of schedule.

Anak tiri Najib pula akan disoal SPRM

Penerbit filem itu dijangka akan disoal SPRM dalam siasatan ke atas 1MDB.

After Najib, stepson Riza Aziz to face MACC

The movie producer is expected to be questioned by the anti-graft commission as part of investigations into 1MDB.

‘Snowden’ executive producer to oversee 1MDB-linked Red Granite

US court appoints Douglas Hansen, former president of Endgame Entertainment, to be responsible for all business dealings by production house helmed by Riza Aziz.

Syarikat Riza Aziz di Hollywood diambil alih sementara

Ia sementara menunggu penyelesaian dengan pihak berkuasa AS yang menyiasat syarikat itu atas dakwaan menggunakan wang curi 1MDB.

Najib can no longer be silent on Jho Low, says Pakatan

Batu MP Tian Chua says attorney-general should seek Interpol's aid to locate businessman for questioning.

DoJ, Red Granite file joint request to have 3rd party oversight

However, judge refuses to sign request for a neutral third party to oversee the company's operations until wording in joint petition is changed.

Picasso, yacht and diamond necklace in DoJ’s latest suit over 1MDB

US government says that some of the assets linked to the fund described in the complaints were given away by the conspirators as gifts

Matthias, Husam drop suit against Red Granite, Riza Aziz

The duo's decision to do so however according to The Hollywood Reporter, remains to be seen.

De Niro: Son sold US$55m NY properties to Jho Low

Oscar winner and star of Meet The Fockers, confirms report linking his son to controversial Malaysian businessman.

I act in nation’s interest, says Husam

He says he stays hopeful that the prime minister will not arrest those trying to recover the country's money.

Matthias: ‘Right govt’ will get award money

Former political secretary to Mahathir Mohamad explains what will happen to award money if 1MDB-related suit filed by him and Husam Musa in the US succeeds.

Matthias and Husam sue Red Granite, Riza, Low

Class action suit says former Goldman Sachs banker took kickbacks, alleges Riza's business manager knew funds were stolen.

NY law firm held funds taken from 1MDB, says report

US DoJ document names Shearman & Sterling as transit point for money misappropriated from 1MDB and used in multi-million dollar asset purchases.

DiCaprio, an unwitting party to titanic 1MDB scandal

Oscar-winning actor's Vegas parties with Red Granite founders and Jho Low comes under scrutiny with US DoJ's probe into funds misappropriated from 1MDB.

US may take movie, music roles in asset seizure

The case of 1MDB announced on Wednesday is unusually large and involves some out-of-the-ordinary assets, such as rights associated with the dark comedy film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a corrupt New York stockbroker.