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‘Butt protester’ Ali not yet a member, says PPBM

The party says Mohd Ali Baharom had only submitted his membership form.

Man who led ‘butt protest’ outside Ambiga’s house now PPBM member

Ali Tinju says he could not accept Umno in the wake of revelations allegedly involving Najib Razak.

Jamal says vindictive people are after him

Controversial Umno leader denies escaping from hospital, but says he had left thinking his remand period was over.

Jamal Yunos disappears, say cops

The Sg Besar Umno chief vanished without completing his bail process.

Jamal Yunos arrested over firearms offence

The Sg Besar Umno chief was arrested while being treated at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Bersih takes protest close to Parliament building

Four representatives will be allowed to enter Parliament premises to hand over a protest memorandum to the Dewan Rakyat speaker.

IGP: No permit for Bersih, Red Shirts protests at Parliament

Fuzi Harun says police will be ready to monitor and stop any untoward incident if protesters do not 'follow rules'.

Suit against Jamal adjourned as judge takes emergency leave

Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos, who is being sued for defamation, was scheduled to take the stand this morning.

2012 Bersih rally was to topple government, ex-IGP tells court

Khalid Abu Bakar tells court hearing Maria Chin’s defamation suit against Jamal Yunos that the rally was not peaceful as there was violence and destruction of public property.

Jamal’s statements imply I am linked to IS, says Maria

The Bersih 2.0 chairman says Jamal was sent a letter demanding an apology over his remarks but he flushed it down a toilet.

Cops nab Jamal Yunos over ‘insulting behaviour’

Sg Besar Umno division chief sends WhatsApp message shortly after arrest, says it was 'in relation to Zaid Ibrahim issue'.

Jamal filing defamation suit, says Zuraida lied about apology

Sg Besar Umno division chief says he had only retracted a statement from last November, for which he was sued by PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Umno-like rally reason behind poor turnout, says Jamal

Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Yunos cites similarly-coloured attire and stage set up as putting off opposition supporters from attending anti-kleptocracy rally.

Jamal: I’d rather do time than see Selangor youths drunk

Jamal Yunos says he cannot bring himself to see youths in Selangor trapped in drunkenness under Azmin Ali’s administration.

Now, Selangor Umno distances itself from Jamal Yunos too

It says the Sungai Besar Umno division chief staged his 'beer-smashing protest' in his capacity as chairman of the Malaysian NGOs Coalition.

AG rejects representation by Jamal and 9 others over rioting

Magistrate sets court date for Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos, saying original charge and alternative charge still maintained.

Great idea, Mukhriz oozes sarcasm of Jamal as Umno Youth chief

PPBM deputy president says Jamal Yunos’ decision to contest for the post indicates the departure of intellectuals and professionals from Umno Youth.

Jamal as Youth chief: Umno scraping bottom of barrel, says PKR

PKR communications chief Fahmi Fadzil says it is indicative of the talent pool in Umno Youth while Tian Chua says Umno lacks intelligent and rational people.

Amanah to Najib: To fight terrorism, clean up your backyard first

Khalid Samad accuses Umno of teaching an ideology of 'animosity, hatred and fear'.

Jamal makes ‘spooky’ claim of phantom voters in Selangor

Umno man shows up with a group of 'ghouls' at Election Commission office and accuses DAP's Ng Suee Lim of using phantom voters since the 11th general election.

Why no action against Zuraida, Jamal asks after rioting charge

Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos threatens to lodge police report against Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, claiming she 'provoked' him and his followers.

Jamal Yunos, supporters charged for rioting in Ampang Point

Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Yunos and 9 others claim trial for two charges under Penal Code and Minor Offences Act.

Teresa sues Jamal over claims she misused Yawas funds

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok calls allegations by Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos baseless, seeks damages and injunction to stop him from repeating defamatory statements.

Another counter rally, same day as PAS’ shariah law rally

With PAS organising its own massive rally to show the support it has for Hadi's Bill, a local NGO says its mission is to fight for a secular Malaysia that upholds equality.