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Tag: redelineation

Dewan Rakyat ‘yes’ to adding 13 state seats for Sabah

A total 158 MPs voted for it.

No tribunal for ex-EC members

The case is academic, declares tribunal to investigate six former Election Commission members.

Bersih moots amending constitution to trigger redelineation exercise

Bersih 2.0 chairman says amending Article 46 of the Federal Constitution to add more parliamentary seats will allow the Election Commission to carry out a redelineation exercise before GE15.

Penang abandons legal battle on election boundaries

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng says the state feels that the matter is now academic, but is prepared to take up the issue at another time.

Ex-EC chief let off because he resigned before tribunal formed

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas explains why Hashim Abdullah was spared from a tribunal into former Election Commission members' alleged misconduct.

Two-thirds majority needed to change electoral boundaries, Dewan Rakyat told

Deputy minister says as the last redelineation was done in March, the next one can only be done eight years from that date or if two-thirds of MPs decide it is okay to carry it out earlier.

32 political parties agree to lower voting age to 18

EC chairman Azhar Azizan Harun says no political party has objected so far to the proposal and the bill will be brought to Parliament next month.

Penang seeks to set aside EC’s boundary redrawing exercise

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng says otherwise, the electoral map drawn up just before GE14 will be applicable for at least eight years and may be used in GE15.

Penang govt to slug it out with AGC over EC’s redelineation...

The Federal Court was informed that the Attorney-General's Chambers will represent the EC in a hearing on Oct 29.

Penang to pursue appeal against EC’s boundary redrawing

Lawyer Leong Cheok Keng says the state will continue with its legal challenge despite returning to power and being aligned with Putrajaya.

Karma catches up with Najib, Mahathir

Politicians often forget that they have to reap the fruits of the seeds they sow, and that inexorable karma can slam them or elevate them at any time.

Suhakam condemns disqualification, vote buying and redelineation

It says the playing field has been affected by such acts and that it intends to call for a revamp of the EC in the future.

Check if your polling station has been changed

Election Commission says some voters may have been assigned to different stations because of boundary changes.

Evaluating the redelineation: A quantitative approach

An unbiased, facts-based analysis of the redelineation exercise serves to show if it does indeed give BN an unfair advantage in the upcoming GE14.

Be fair about sizes of rural seats, says Chandra

Social critic points out that rural weightage is written into the Constitution but the principle must not be abused.

Ong: EC has diluted the value of your vote

DAP's Bangi candidate gives example of 10 big, largely urban seats won by the opposition and the 10 smallest won by BN.

Court allows 7 Melaka voters to challenge redelineation

The High Court rules there is prima facie evidence showing malapportionment which contravenes the Federal Constitution.

Manivannan: Race politics won’t affect Malay-majority Kapar

Despite the huge Malay majority in Kapar following the redrawing of electoral boundaries, PKR's G Manivannan says people will vote based on the country's situation, not race.

Court throws out voters’ bid for EC to hold local enquiries

The group had sought a declaration that the EC's refusal to conduct local enquiries for the redelineation exercise was unconstitutional.

FT: Pakatan gets the vote but no extra seats

Research arm of UK newspaper says "an outside chance" of Pakatan Harapan winning if Malay voters switch sides.

Kota Melaka voters try again to quash redelineation report

The Melaka High Court will hear on Tuesday the application by seven voters to obtain leave to challenge the Election Commission.

Xavier makes way for Malay candidate in Sungai Kandis

The PKR vice-president is being moved out of Seri Andalas, now known as Sungai Kandis, after a drastic change in its racial composition.

Analysts: No guarantee redelineation will give BN victory

Researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University say although the redelineation will help BN win marginal seats held by the opposition, there are other factors at work too.

Is PKR the spoiler in PH?

Why are PKR leaders making statements that appear to diminish the progress made by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Hindraf in influencing voters?