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Tag: Reduce

Cut civil service to spare more funds for development

Already, 80% of the federal budget goes towards operating expenditure, a large chunk of which goes into paying salaries and pensions.

Health ministry studying ways to reduce cancer treatment costs in private...

They include efforts to amend drug control procedures that directly affect treatment costs.

Trim the civil service based on needs and performance

The real issue is not the number but the right number for each ministry.

Ranhill subsidiary to reduce non-revenue water in Johor from 24% to...

RM3.4 billion has been allocated for this 'accelerated NRW reduction programme' over the next seven years.

Reduce toll charges, make toll agreements public, urges economist

Professor Yeah Kim Leng says the reduction should not cost a spike in the national deficit nor burden the users, while a deputy minister says reductions may come in a year or two.

Court cuts jail term of father who sexually abused daughter over...

Judge Azman Abdullah also tells the father to repent for his heinous crimes.

Killing at hotel lobby: Chilean tourists want death penalty charge reduced

Their lawyers claim they acted in self-defence after the Malaysian attacked them first and have written to the AG's Chambers .

Two become one? Plane makers work on tech to cut pilot...

Airbus SE and Thales SA expect the number of cockpit crew on long-haul flights, typically three or four, could be reduced to two from the year 2023.

Smaller stations, fewer trains see RM15 billion off LRT3 price tag

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the final cost of RM16.63 billion was approved by the Cabinet yesterday.

Think tank: Monitor health expenditure, don’t just increase funds

IDEAS welcomes increased allocation for public health, but says it is important to set up a good monitoring system to ensure the money is well spent.

Zeti: We’ll announce how we intend to abolish GST within 100...

Zeti, who sits on the Council of Eminent Persons, says the method of abolishing the GST will be made known within 100 days and if it needs parliamentary approval, this will be sought.

Nestle pledges to make all its packaging recyclable by 2025

Environmentalists have criticised the plan as lacking substance.

BN has delivered on its promise for cheaper cars

In fact, it has managed to do this while also developing a better public transport system.

PR1MA to build homes along LRT for middle-income, B40 groups

First few locations along LRT line will be at Cempaka, Pandan Jaya and Pandan Indah.

GE14: The politics of personalities

As a gesture of goodwill, Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be allowed to win his seat in GE14 unopposed.

Former UM student gets reduced jail time over ‘militant’ books

Court of Appeal says High Court's five-year jail sentence on Siti Noor Aishah Atam was 'manifestly excessive'.

Reduce, reuse and recycle food waste for Earth Day

Ahead of Earth Day, April 22, which this year is focused on environmental literacy, take a look at the food waste movement, and what you can do to curb it in your own home.