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Tag: Redzuan

Grants only for truly qualified entrepreneurs, says Redzuan

Many of the grants given under the previous administration had been abused.

2 companies shortlisted for 3rd national car project

Minister says 'Look East Policy' was an important aspect in the selection of the companies.

Flying car not meant for sale to general public, says minister

Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof says he had received a lot of positive response on the car, especially from international companies involved in developing prototypes.

Ecosystem important for 3rd national car hub to be sited in...

He says it is up to the Melaka government to create the right environment to be chosen for the project.

Ministry to boost contribution of SMEs to manufacturing

Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof says this can be achieved by creating conducive environment for SMEs to thrive.

Penyokong Umno didakwa sumbat cili dalam mulut pemuda PPBM

Seorang ahli PPBM Melaka dikatakan mengalami retak tulang pipi dan kecederaan di mata selepas dipukul sekumpulan penyokong Umno.