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Swiss vote to tighten gun laws, safeguard EU relations

Switzerland has a deep-rooted gun culture which stems from a tradition of national defence service.

Israelis go to polls in referendum on Netanyahu’s record reign

Israel’s president will consult with the leaders of every party represented in the Knesset and choose whoever he believes has the best chance of forming a government.

Unlikely there will be a vote on PM May’s Brexit deal...

Theresa May is expected to try one last time by bringing her Brexit deal back for a vote this week.

PM May’s Brexit deal still the best option

British lawmakers are due to vote on Monday on alternatives. 

Hundreds of thousands march in London to demand new Brexit referendum

After three years of tortuous debate, it is still uncertain how, when or even if Brexit will happen.

As Brexit crisis deepens, thousands due to march through London

Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out holding another Brexit referendum.

Brexit: Labour will back amendment for 2nd referendum, says Corbyn

Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking changes to her exit deal in order to break an impasse in parliament.

Cuba votes in referendum on new constitution

More than 8 million Cubans are registered to vote in a referendum the government has turned into a plebiscite on the 'irrevocable' role of socialism in the island nation.

Theresa May makes progress on Brexit as Labour tilts towards a...

Three British cabinet ministers have publicly indicated they will back plans to delay Brexit if lawmakers vote down May's plan for a new deal with the European Union.

Perkembangan positif di Mindanao baik untuk Sabah, kata Anifah

Bekas menteri luar, Anifah Aman berkata, Malaysia mengepalai rundingan damai sebagai fasilitator pihak ketiga di selatan Filipina sejak 2001.

Macron eyeing referendum in May, report says

The Journal du Dimanche newspaper adds to persistent rumours that Macron is preparing to call the vote on the same day as European parliament elections on May 26.

Philippines cathedral bombing sparks peace process worries

The impact of the attack would challenge the push for peace from the plebiscite last week on expanding autonomy in Southern Philippines.

Philippine referendum returns big ‘yes’ vote on Bangsamoro self-rule

The vote comes as fears that fighters fleeing Iraq and Syria will join radicals from Malaysia and Indonesia in gravitating to Mindanao to capitalize on an abundance of arms.

We can’t have a referendum to undermine a human right

An opinion poll should not dictate government policy especially when it comes to human rights as it is an abrogation of government responsibility.

Poll: Britons would now vote to stay in EU, want second...

The survey by polling firm YouGov showed that if a referendum were held immediately, 46% would vote to remain, 39% would vote to leave, and the rest are unclear.

Brexit minister: 2nd referendum will further divide UK

Brexit is scheduled for March 29.

A renegotiated Brexit would go ahead under Labour government, says Corbyn

Corbyn says it would be a matter for the party to decide what the policy would be but his proposal would be to go forward in trying to get a customs union with the EU.

Hopes for second Brexit referendum reach fever pitch

Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling to convince British lawmakers to back her Brexit deal in a key vote in parliament on December 11.

Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

The result comes after a dramatic evening which saw Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen resign as leader of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

May’s Brexit bombardment wins her sympathy from fatigued public

Theresa May is fighting to keep her job against an emboldened opposition and a group of rebels within her own ranks.

Business figures call for vote on Brexit terms

Firms are increasingly worried about the prospect of Britain leaving the world's biggest trading bloc in March without an agreement.

Ireland votes to lift blasphemy ban

The legislation is largely obsolete and there have been no successful prosecutions since the Irish state was established.

Massive Taiwan Gay Pride parade pushes key referendum vote

The theme of this year's march was to support pro-gay rights referendums.

‘Half million’ rally in London for new Brexit vote

The 570,000 turnout figure reported by campaigners would make the demonstration the largest since 750,000 showed up against the war in Iraq in 2003 according to police figures.