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Tag: reform

Shariah courts need urgent reforms to protect women

Maria Chin Abdullah has raised awareness of the workings of the shariah courts which, divorced Muslim women will tell you, need to be improved.

Europe’s clubs divided over Champions League reform

Some argue the reforms will make fans gradually lose interest in domestic leagues and those leagues would be further economically damaged.

Khat: An unnecessary distraction

Aren’t there far more important issues that we need to focus on right now than calligraphy, whether Jawi, Chinese or Tamil?

Pakistan announces religious school reform ahead of Imran’s US visit

Pakistan's madrasahs have long been accused of promoting extremist narratives and have been dubbed 'nurseries of extremism'.

Can Malaysia change?

There may be legitimate concerns over reform, but difficulties should not be excuses to resist change.

Behind the wheel, a year on: Saudi women savour new freedom

Just a year ago driving was illegal for women in Saudi Arabia.

Brace for tough times, economist Jomo warns

The economist says the country should start thinking about domestic investments instead of focusing on foreign investments.

PH risking support by continuing many BN policies, says analyst

Economist Firdaos Rosli says Putrajaya needs a new economic narrative but admits that it cannot change too many things too fast.

Sarawak rep suspended a year for challenging speaker’s impartiality

Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei is suspended effective today after 64 assemblymen voted for his suspension.

Decentralising the education system

Reform of the education system, not just single reform measures, is urgently needed.

Speedy education reforms needed to address problem of racism, says academic

Citing the scuffle outside Universiti Malaya as an example, Sharifah Munirah Alatas says everything is turned into a racial issue when it is simply a human problem.

We don’t need a magic lamp, just capable people at the...

The government must do more to resolve the country's problems instead of getting distracted by political issues.

Thousands rally in Myanmar’s biggest city to change army-drafted constitution

Thousands gathered in Myanmar’s commercial capital on Wednesday in support of constitutional reform.

Imran Khan pledges `deep’ Pakistan reforms as IMF vows support

The South Asian nation is looking to bridge a financial gap of at least US$12 billion.

Understand Malay concerns, analysts tell Malaysia Baru enthusiasts

Aliran's Faisal Hazis says the country is still far from actually being Malaysia Baru.

Three years later, India’s bankruptcy reform languishes in courts

The nine months set for the process has now stretched to more than one and a half years, leaving creditors still not knowing how much of their money will be returned.

US denounces wealthy-nation discounts for UN peacekeeping

US Ambassador for UN Management and Reform Cherith Norman Chalet says the discounts demonstrate an "urgent need to reform."

China’s Xi: Reform, opening up not easy

The president's speech comes amid mounting pressure to accelerate reforms and improve market access for foreign companies as a bitter trade war with the US weighs on the Chinese economy.

Rethinking the role of civil society in the New Malaysia

Patience, a change in narrative and a virtual shadow Cabinet are the keys for civil society to play a pivotal role.

EU business lobby says Xi’s reform pledges fall short

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China says European business had higher hopes for what had been marketed by Beijing as a milestone event.

Why wait, leave now, Bersih tells EC members

However, the electoral reform group calls on the government to set up a tribunal to try one member who is still in office.

Victory in GE14, but we’re still on a slippery slope

The people should not allow even the slightest hint of irresponsible behaviour or bending of rules, especially by MPs or the prime minister-in-waiting.

Lots to do, ex-Bersih chief Maria tells EC

The Petaling Jaya MP says the EC under its new chairman Azhar Harun must clean up the electoral roll and review the early voting process, among others.

Top China official urges ‘reform through education’ for Xinjiang prisoners

The security crackdown has also involved a spike in arrests and imprisonment, regular police searches and checkpoints, and growing interference in the daily religious practices of Muslims in the region.