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Tag: reformation

G25: The word ‘liberal’ has place of pride in Rukun Negara

The word appears positively in the preamble to the Rukun Negara, but is now used to demonise those with different opinions.

Anwar: Give Mahathir space to achieve Pakatan’s goals

The Pakatan Harapan de facto leader says the personal tribulations and hurt felt by opposition activists and members before are small compared to the interests of the people and future of the country.

Teoh Beng Hock, eight years without justice

Two years after submitting proposal to create an independent anti-graft agency, there has still been no response from either MACC or the government, says Bar chief.

Bersih declared legal by court, so let’s meet, EC told

Bersih committee says immediate reforms need to take place if the EC wants to run free and fair elections during GE14.

Sara Petra longs for end to racism, religious intolerance

Daughter of blogger Raja Petra laments that reformation movement of Sept 20, 1998 has not brought about a "better Malaysia."

Time to call it a day, Anwar

Lensa wants Anwar Ibrahim to retire because the people have grown tired of him.