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Tag: reforms

Group offers to help Putrajaya draft and review human rights laws

It says it has experts to help draft the amendments for the government to consider.

Higher growth possible with more structural reforms, says BNM governor

Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus says Malaysia’s economy has the ability to mitigate the impact of external headwinds.

No country, no work: Refugees despair at slow pace of reforms

Years of waiting without basic rights is causing mental health issues and leaving many turning to underground work, where they risk abuse.

An open letter to Dr M and PH

A clear message must be sent that the welfare of the nation and the reform agenda take precedence over personal or party interests.

Questions of a fair deal for all in the new economy

Growth of the pseudo-entrepreneur or rentier class, growing inequality, and the lack of reforms pose challenges.

Doubts over PH reform agenda

It's time for Pakatan Harapan to focus on its manifesto and agenda instead of worrying about Umno and PAS.

Time for a ‘major review’ of our promises, Kit Siang tells...

The DAP strongman says there is a perception that PH has not delivered since taking over Putrajaya.

15 Serie A clubs oppose Champions League reforms

Clubs in Italy joins their Spanish, English, German, and French counter parts in rejecting the reforms.

German league rejects Champions League reform proposals

The initial proposals effectively makes it harder for smaller clubs to break into European competition.

Ambiga gives PH six on her 1-to-10 scale

She says the coalition moved fast towards reforms at first, but has since slowed down.

Best for PAC members to pick chairman, says Anwar

The PKR president says the committee members should meet with Dr Mahathir Mohamad to resolve issue.

PH government is indulging in baloney

PH promised us many things but the environment is still as bad, it is reverting to old habits and projects such as a national car, reforms are still not evident, and it has allowed the opposition to set the agenda.

We need leaders who focus on the bigger picture

Good leaders focus on the bigger picture and stay loyal to that larger goal, whatever it takes, however long it takes.

MTUC criticises ‘sour grapes’ in labour law reforms

MTUC secretary-general J Solomon raps statements running down the good work of Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran in carrying out these long-awaited reforms.

Delay in reforms a betrayal of voters’ trust, DAP Youth tells...

The people want to see changes now, not later, it tells Pakatan Harapan Youth chief.

Our leaders need a change in mindset – but so do...

Most of us are unwilling to change our beliefs, and the less we know about an issue, the more extreme our opinions seem to be.

Saving Malaysia, again

The struggle continues against misinformation and sedition, which Malaysians must once again counter in order to preserve the ideals entrenched in the constitution.

Maria Chin hails plans to enact, amend and repeal 113 laws

She says this is something that civil society organisations have long been advocating.

Unhappy with PH’s GLC appointments, NGOs want task force for reforms

A group of NGOs and think tanks voice concern over the slow progress of reforms in GLCs and criticise Pakatan Harapan for reneging on its promise to not appoint politicians to such companies.

The problem of Malaysia’s ailing education system

Empty slogans and political rhetoric will not help bring the country to greater heights, especially not in the education sector.

Without a change in attitude, building a new Malaysia will be...

If Malaysians do not search their souls and sort out the important issues, it will not matter which party rules the country.

PH has not lived up to expectations, says analyst

Associate professor tells of 'worrying observations' 8 months after the coalition came into power.

Despite some setback, PH’s reforms give hope of more to come

It has implemented some changes in at least five areas and more needs to be done to ensure a comprehensive implementation of its other promises.

What Nurul Izzah’s resignation says about the New Malaysia

It appears that the country has not taken even a step forward yet in terms of reforms.