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Tag: refugee camps

Bangladesh stops more Rohingya taking risky trip to Malaysia

Border Guard Bangladesh forces find 22 Rohingya Muslims, including 10 children, at a village on the Bay of Bengal coast on Sunday.

World Cup fever still raging in Rohingya refugee camps

For many young refugees in Bangladesh's southeast, this World Cup was their first, and the excitement of last Sunday's final shows no sign of abating any time soon.

Killings sow fear inside Rohingya refugee camps Bangladesh

Since August, when a military crackdown in Myanmar forced many of the Muslim minority to cross the border into Bangladesh and seek shelter in the crowded camps, 19 people have been killed.

Greek court in move to ease conditions on refugee island camps

Greece's Council of State ruled that asylum-seekers should be allowed to move across the country freely.

UN warns of rampant sexual violence in Greek refugee camps

The refugee camps which are the most dangerous are those in Moria and Vathy.

Clandestine sex industry booms in Rohingya refugee camps

Many of the prostitutes are children who eat no more than one meal a day and work secretively without even their parents knowing.