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Don’t use refugees to blackmail us, EU’s Tusk tells Erdogan

Bloc president issues retort after Turkish leader asked it stop criticising attack on Syria.

Erdogan to EU: Wake up or we’ll send millions of refugees...

Bloc has been criticising Turkey's military offensive in Syria, which started Wednesday.

Provide jobs to refugees, urges UN rights rep

Michelle Bachelet is also hoping Malaysia will ratify the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Australia rejects UN call to release Tamil family

Refused refugee status, parents and daughters have been held at detention facility.

Muhyiddin gets brickbats over statement on refugees

Don't talk about protection after deportation of Turkish family, says Amnesty.

Myanmar’s marvellous sticky rice dessert recipe

Enjoy this Myanmar recipe for a sweet, sticky rice dessert that is very simple to make.

Rohingya crisis must end now, says Dr M

Speaking in the US, the prime minister says the international community must work together to resolve the situation.

Amazing that cops knew about Turkish ‘terrorist’ but no clue about...

Vocal activist Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa says Malaysia should not simply believe claims that Arif Komis is linked to a terrorist outfit.

Volunteers cook up survival scheme to get around Malaysia’s punitive refugee...

PichaEats is a social enterprise that teams up with refugee families.

After Turkish family deported, a call to ratify refugee treaty

Deportation of Arif Komis violates the principle of not putting asylum-seekers at risk of persecution, says Suhakam.

Court blocks Australia from deporting Tamil toddlers

Immigration officials put the Tamil family on a plane for Sri Lanka, but a federal court judge's injunction forced the pilots to land the aircraft and deposit the family in Darwin.

At least 40 feared dead or missing in shipwreck off Libya

Libyan coastguard says the bodies of five migrants had been recovered and 65 migrants have been rescued

No show for Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar

The Rohingya refugees are refusing to return without a guarantee for their safety and a promise that they will be given Myanmar citizenship.

Welcome wears thin for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Muslim Rohingya refugees, who fled a military crackdown in Myanmar, find the initial warm welcome in Bangladesh no longer there as resentment and fear creep in.

No country, no work: Refugees despair at slow pace of reforms

Years of waiting without basic rights is causing mental health issues and leaving many turning to underground work, where they risk abuse.

Copy Thailand in fighting human trafficking, Malaysia told

A Usaid representative says the Thai way of allowing partnership between NGOs and enforcement agencies has produced results.

Govt slammed for denying refugees right to work

They'll boost the national economy if allowed to earn their living legally, says Tenaganita.

China’s police state goes global, leaving refugees in fear

China's powerful state security has extended its reach to Uighurs living in liberal democracies in a bid to silence activists and recruit informants.

Don’t like refugees? Try meeting one

A study finds that negative attitudes can disappear after a face-to-face meeting.

No need to claim refugee status to stay in Australia, Malaysians...

Don't undermine the interest of others fleeing persecution in their home countries, says an academic.

We can only help genuine refugees, says UNHCR

Deputy representative for Malaysia says only those who are persecuted for nationality, race, religion, political opinion or social standing are eligible for a UNHCR card.

Bar urges more lawyers to give legal aid to refugees

Bar president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor says current laws do not accord them recognition or protection.

Malaysians claim to be refugees to stay in Australia, says deputy...

Parliament told Malaysians are using excuses like being victims of racial and religious discrimination to seek protection visas.

Myanmar to send envoys to Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Myanmar has faced international pressure to allow the Rohingya to return to Rakhine and grant them citizenship rights.