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Global community must monitor deportation of Rohingya refugees, says Dr M

These monitoring bodies must ensure the Rohingya don't face action from the Rakhine State and Myanmar authorities.

The ‘Anak Malaysia’ who had to leave the country behind

Rohingya refugee Rasyidah Yusuf was born in Melaka and grew up in KL but moved to the US as Malaysia does not recognise her as a citizen.

UNHCR sees higher number of refugees registering over past year

UNHCR representative for Malaysia Thomas Albrecht says this figure doesn't necessarily indicate an increase in the number of refugees coming into the country.

Thailand charges crew of stranded Rohingya boat

The Rohingya are being cared for while authorities try to determine if they are victims of human trafficking.

Australia election triggers refugee suicide attempts

Unhappy over Scott Morrison's less lenient government towards refugees in comparison to a favourable Labor Party, results in attempted suicides among refugee community.

A Taste From Home: Tales of courage, perseverance and identity

This narrative cookbook shares the stories and recipes of refugees in Malaysia and their efforts to nourish their families in their new home.

Muslim refugees now feel safer in non-Muslim countries, says Dr M

The prime minister says this is not because of Islam as a religion but because some Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam.

Allowing refugees to work legally will boost economy say employers’ body,...

MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan says it will be much cheaper than bringing in foreign workers while an economist says they will be able to add to the GDP if allowed to work legally.

Allowing refugees to work would boost economy, govt revenue, says think...

IDEAS urges the government to move forward with its manifesto promise of granting refugees the right to work.

Gangs taking control of Bangladesh Rohingya camps

A police spokesman denies the presence of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, saying most killings are part of a power struggle among Rohingya groups.

Why propose refugee island with other issues unresolved, asks PBS Youth

PBS Youth chief Christopher Mandut says there are other pressing needs in the state, such as the cost of living and land for agriculture and housing.

Sabah to consider placing refugees on border island, says CM

Shafie Apdal says this might be done in the case of an influx from neighbouring countries, although the refugees will not be sheltered on the mainland.

I was sold seven times, says Rohingya refugee

Ziaur Rahman was abducted from a refugee camp in Bangladesh and sold and sold again by human traffickers.

Give refugees basic human rights please, NGOs urge govt

The NGOs want women and children refugees to be sheltered in homes or centres instead of being placed in detention centres.

Adrift in Malaysia, Burmese Muslim refugees in desperate cry for recognition

Forgotten community suffers from officially sanctioned persecution and violence in Myanmar and lack of help in Malaysia, says support group.

Child’s body washes up on a Lesbos beach

It was believed to be the body of a nine-year-old girl who went missing after a boat sank off the east of Lesbos.

UN agency calls for more access in Syria to help refugees...

Many Syrians scattering within and outside the country are now considering whether to go home.

Protect foreign victims of human trafficking too, Putrajaya told

Activists says under current practice, even newborn babies are sent to detention camps.

Traffickers no deterrent for Rohingya refugees dreaming of Malaysia

Charities say traffickers have been active ahead of the monsoon season, which is due to start in April.

Time for a comprehensive policy for refugees

Once issues relating to documentation, employment, education and healthcare are addressed, refugees can fill a crucial human resources gap for Malaysia.

Young dreams dashed as Malaysia prepares to send back 40,000 Chin...

UNHCR has declared Myanmar safe and will no longer renew Chin refugee cards beginning 2020.

Refugees in Malaysia: Barely accepted and not appreciated

Signing the 1951 Refugee Convention will be hugely symbolic in that it registers the government’s interest and seriousness in taking care of refugees in Malaysia.

MPs slam UNHCR move to cease refugee status for Chins

They say the Chin state in Myanmar is still unsafe and that the new policy puts the future of children at risk.

Bangladesh rescues ‘abducted’ Malaysia-bound Rohingya refugees

Police found the refugees at two separate places in the southeastern border district of Cox's Bazar, bringing the number of Rohingya being rescued to more than 100 in less than a week.