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PAC report on GST refunds ‘in line’ with my statement, says...

The finance minister says the Public Accounts Committee used parliamentary language in its report but the meaning is the same.

My questions on Lim’s GST refunds claim went unanswered, says Wee

The MCA president says he 'suspected' Lim Guan Eng's claim of RM19.4 billion missing GST refunds was untrue.

Najib says he’s looking forward to PAC report on ‘missing’ GST...

Former prime minister says he has some questions on the issue of the missing refunds that he hopes the Public Accounts Committee can answer.

Govt starts paying out GST refunds

The number of claims for sums under RM50,000 comprise more than 80% of total claims.

PH’s budgeting does away with last-minute spending, Dewan Rakyat told

Lim Guan Eng says as the government employs a zero-based budget, there is no need to wait till the end of the year to finish the allocations.

Pakatan MP questions need to use Petronas reserves for special dividend

Wong Chen warns that using RM54 billion from Petronas’ reserves can leave country with no financial ammunition when the crisis stemming from the US-China trade war hits Malaysia.

38% rise in complaints about airlines, mostly Malaysia Airlines

The Malaysian Aviation Commission says it received 858 complaints about mishandled baggage, flight delays and other things over the past six months and resolved almost all of them.

Mydin boss tells Putrajaya how to pay tax refunds quick

The retail tycoon says the government still owes it RM30 million in tax refunds.

Polis sudah ambil keterangan saya, kata Guan Eng

Menteri kewangan berkata polis sudah mengambil keterangannya dan Najib perlu jawab soalan mengenai peranannya.

Guan Eng has statement recorded on ‘missing’ RM19 bil in GST...

The finance minister says this has affected payments to 121,429 companies and individuals.

Report ‘missing’ GST refunds to cops, Najib tells Guan Eng

The former prime minister says the finance minister should state that the money was stolen by Barisan Nasional.

Guan Eng asks Najib 3 questions over delay in GST refunds

He says although the then treasury secretary-general made the decision, Najib had a critical role as he was the finance minister.

Najib says PH should explain ‘missing’ RM18 bil in GST refunds

Former PM says Pakatan Harapan was already in power when requests to transfer funds to the GST claims trust account for April and May were made.

Customs DG: Trust fund short of RM19.4 bil for GST refunds

T Subromaniam says Customs Department requested for RM82.9 billion in GST refunds but the full amount was not transferred to trust fund.

GST refunds delayed as long as 2 years, says Gerakan lawyer

Andy Yong says whether this was done intentionally will have to be probed.

On GST refunds and the RM19.4 billion

Not putting the money earmarked for GST refunds into a trust account does not mean that the money was lost, pilfered or stolen.

SST will save states, local councils millions of ringgit

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says several projects were cancelled as state governments did not have money to pay GST previously.

RM18 bil in GST refunds missing, says finance minister

Lim Guan Eng says the present government does not have the money to pay businesses the GST refunds.

French World Cup win may cost China firm up to US$12...

Chinese kitchen appliance maker Vatti said it has refunded US$9 million - either in cash or gift cards - in fulfilling a pledge to reimburse customers if France won the World Cup.

False GST claims? DAP rep says Customs insulting councils

Balakong representative Eddie Ng Tien Chee says department should get in touch with local authorities to seek additional proof if it doubts requests for refunds.

Customs denies owing RM36 million in GST refunds to 12 local...

Customs chief says the department did not refund the claims made by these local councils in Selangor as the documents submitted were dubious.

MAS offers refund to London fliers after terror attacks

Those who wish to reschedule their London flights can also do so without any penalty.

Confusion over Forest City project refunds

An official of Country Garden earlier said buyers will be refunded their deposits but a statement later said no refunds will be given, and now the company says it is in talks with the 60 buyers who are opting out.

Some China Forest City purchasers in limbo

At least 40 buyers of the massive development project in Johor are seeking refunds as China’s tightening of money outflow has made it difficult for them to raise money, says report.