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Tag: regulations

Govt pushing for strict laws on vape, e-cigarettes

Malaysia wants to club e-cigarettes and vaporisers together with tobacco products under a single law that would prohibit promotions and advertising usage in public areas and use by minors.

European Tour announces stricter penalties to combat slow play

The new European Tour's initiative will focus on four key areas – regulation, education, innovation and field sizes.

Smoking giant China planning e-cigarette regulation

E-cigarettes effectively provide a gateway toward full-fledged smoking.

Bitcoin tumbles as US senators grill Facebook on crypto plans

The social media giant is fighting to get Washington onside after it shocked regulators and lawmakers with its announcement to potentially launch Libra in 2020.

Trump blasts tech firms, cryptocurrencies at ‘free speech’ summit

Trump lambasts cryptocurrencies and demands companies to seek a banking charter and make themselves subject to US and global regulations.

China drafts rules on liquidity support for securities firms

The China Securities Regulatory Commission is soliciting public opinion over a rule allowing a state fund to bail out securities companies.

Laws to be amended to enhance protection for domestic workers

The human resources minister says there will be amendments to seven Acts relating to labour rights.

Crypto assets get Arab world’s first regulatory nod from Bahrain

Bahrain’s central bank has issued 'final rules on a range of activities relevant to crypto assets.'

Australia banks hit with tougher regulation after scandals

After confidence-shattering scandals, Australian banks to be better regulated.

US Congress to see push to regulate Big Tech in 2019

The wave of data scandals that have hit Facebook and other online platforms has prompted growing calls for action by lawmakers.

Proposed e-hailing regulations could hurt consumers, think tank warns

IDEAS recommends that Putrajaya reform e-hailing and traditional taxi services regulations to make them more competitive.

Senators threaten to regulate Facebook unless it makes fixes

Senator Chris Coons said he expected Congress to come up with privacy rules comparable to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

‘Judgement day’ looms for Australia’s scandal-hit banks

The financial sector -- including Australia's all-powerful "big four" banks -- faces a public backlash and the prospect of tighter regulations when an interim Royal Commission report is published before a Sunday deadline.

Bentong MP takes on Aussie high commissioner over Lynas closure

Wong Tack says to claim that the plant's closure would result in a pullout of Australian investments is an insult to Malaysians.

China’s latest step to curb games and play wallops Tencent

Even before the latest upheaval, state-owned media had routinely criticised Tencent and its peers for fomenting game addiction.

China targets rumours, religion in updated party rules

Xi has accrued more power than any of his immediate predecessors and has intensified efforts to ensure cadres are loyal, disciplined, upright and honest.

As Canada faces rising gun violence, tighter laws are a tough...

The government is open to considering tougher laws after Toronto called for a ban on handguns in the wake of the Danforth shooting.

WTO panel to examine US complaint on Canadian wine sale restrictions

The US claimed that British Columbia's regulations exclude all imported wine from grocery store shelves and violated WTO rules on non-discrimination.

Golf will never be drug-free, says Player

Player questioned why it took so long for the British Open to implement blood testing as part of its anti-doping regulations.

Tanzania government wins court case to impose online regulations

Many have criticised the new regulations, which require bloggers and activists to be registered and declare their financial backers, as an attack on freedom of speech.

Bersih: Will EC now remove Ku Nan’s posters in KL?

Bersih calls on EC to withdraw its latest guidelines on who can be featured on election posters, saying it is unfair, unnecessary and a violation of freedom of expression.

UK says web firms “turning blind eye” to children, threatens regulation

British health minister Jeremy Hunt has threatened the imposition of regulations on social media firms.

Singapore proposes allowing Airbnb-type rentals, with tough conditions

Singapore on Monday proposed allowing private home owners to rent out their property for short-term stays but with stringent conditions, a move welcomed by home-sharing giant Airbnb.

Singapore to fight fake news with same approach as illicit drugs

Singapore already has several laws in place to prevent the incitement of racial and religious discord, as well as other laws covering libel and issues considered a threat to national security.