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Tag: Religion

Japan funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent

The government set aside millions of dollars in funds.

Mum in French hijab row to sue politicians for racism

Woman's lawyer says school trip would not have happened as no other parents made themselves available.

School trip hijab clash sparks new secularism row in France

France is split on finding balance between individual religious freedom and constitutionally-guaranteed secularism in public.

Education ministry plans action against debate jury panellists

Action may be taken against the jury head and adjudicators in the Piala Tun Razak debate tournament for allegedly discussing sensitive religious issues.

India tightens security ahead of divisive temple ruling

Tensions boiled over in 1992 when Hindu zealots destroyed the mosque.

Rot started with Dr M, not 60 years ago, says ex-MP

Tawfik Ismail hails Tunku, Razak and Hussein as leaders of integrity.

Malaysia on a slippery slope to extremism, warns don

He said the country is now an example of what to avoid for other Muslim nations although in the 1980s, Malaysia was held in high regard.

Rahman, the Muslim guardian of Hindu shrine in India

Elderly man continues centuries-old family tradition in Assam state.

UAE’s first official synagogue to open in multi-faith complex in 2022

The synagogue will be part of the multi-faith ‘Abrahamic Family House’ complex in Abu Dhabi.

A wonky PAS-Umno alliance can never be the voters’ choice

The 'wise' fence-sitters — the pivotal voters — will see PAS and Umno have only formed a wobbly alliance for their political expediency.

Will Umno-PAS pact create 2 Malaysias?

By stressing on the rights of Malay-Muslims, Umno and PAS will alienate the non-Malays and widen racial and religious differences.

Sabah cops monitoring online and print media for sensitive issues

State police commissioner Omar Mammah says Sabah is known to be a tolerant society and urges the people to keep it that way.

Stop arrests over social media posts, says lawyers’ group

Lawyers for Liberty says there will be no end to arrests if the authorities don’t make clear the restrictions on free speech.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

Saudi crown prince hosts Christian evangelicals

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met the delegation, led by Israeli-American author Joel Rosenberg at his palace in Jeddah.

Consistency key to maintaining racial unity, says Abim

The government and civil societies should be consistent in their stand and speak up no matter the background of the person at fault, says Abim.

Muslim children get Catholic education in flexible Madagascar

Catholic education is prized by many families, who cite discipline, quality teaching and access to a social network as among its prime advantages.

Race + religion + recession = trouble

As religious and racial fault lines widen, as pessimism grips people after 62 years of Merdeka, the prospect arises of a recession exacerbating the situation.

India defends citizenship register after UN criticism

India says those left off the list do not become stateless and will continue to enjoy all the rights of a citizen until they have exhausted all legal options.

Backlash grows over contentious India citizenship list

Critics said the NRC process reflected the BJP's goal to serve Hindus, with a large chunk of those excluded expected to be Muslims.

Najib blames PH for increase in racial sentiments, political uncertainty

The former prime minister says this in listing five risks faced by the country and the economy today.

Australia unveils religious freedom bill after Israel Folau fiasco

Australia’s attorney-general says the current anti-discrimination laws do now go far enough.

Tun Razak and the question of racial dominance

Malaysia’s second prime minister was against any sort of racial dominance or superiority, and frequently urged leaders to sustain the racial harmony that existed.

Tahfiz school under fire over ‘absurd’ punishments

Officials investigate a pondok school in Kuching after a purported parental consent form makes the rounds on social media.