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Tag: religious discrimination

Australia PM promises stiffer laws against religious discrimination

Morrison's office issued a statement saying discrimination on the basis of a person's identity and their religious identity is unacceptable in Australia.

Home minister can prohibit non-Muslim religious publications, court told

The reliance on a provision in the Printing, Presses and Publications Act is constitutional on grounds of public order and national security, says government lawyer Shamsul Bolhassan.

Report: Rohingya issue shows Malaysia’s biased refugee policy

An opinion piece in the Asia Times says Putrajaya champions Muslim refugees but has failed to speak up for non-Muslim’s facing persecution, and that it is ‘a Muslim champion abroad, and an oppressor at home’.

Myanmar bloodletting: Malaysia and OIC are hypocrites, says report

A Modern Tokyo Times report says Malaysia and the OIC are forgetting the elephant in the room: the large number of Muslims being ‘butchered’ by Muslims in Yemen and elsewhere.

Food stall ordered shut for alleged shariah non-compliance

Stall operator’s plea and phone conversation purportedly with a high ranking official at a government educational institution in Penang goes viral.