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Tag: religious extremism

Understanding extremism among Malaysian Muslims

There is a conflict resulting from the suppression of rationality among the Malay-Muslims.

Chinese official says China is educating, not mistreating, Muslims

Maybe it’s the necessary way to deal with Islamic or religious extremism because the West has failed to deal with religious Islamic extremism.

Now I know what to tell my sons

After the stunning results of GE14, a once disillusioned father tells his three sons, “Remember to come home to Malaysia.”

Akyol’s detention: Did Jawi overstep its boundaries, asks NGO

Cenbet head Gan Ping Sieu says arrest of Turkish author Mustafa Akyol in KLIA suggests religious dept can question foreigners and order immigration to detain them.

Pakatan can save Malaysia from religious extremism, says Zaid

Zaid Ibrahim, says Barisan Nasional government has allowed playing up of racial sentiments to serve their own interests.

Unity key to achieving TN50, says Zahid

Deputy prime minister urges Malaysians to set aside their differences in order to achieve the objectives of the 2050 National Transformation.