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Tag: religious schools

Raise salaries of imams, ustaz, PPBM tells Sabah govt

Silam PPBM chief Hakim Gulam Hassan also wants the government to pay the salaries of religious teachers who are now being paid by parents.

Pakistan announces religious school reform ahead of Imran’s US visit

Pakistan's madrasahs have long been accused of promoting extremist narratives and have been dubbed 'nurseries of extremism'.

No plan to close pure science stream in Pahang religious schools

However, intake of Form Four students into the pure science stream at a religious school in Maran was postponed as only 4 students were interested.

1Malaysia bookstore debt nothing to do with finance ministry, says Guan...

The finance minister says the education ministry managed Kedai Buku 1Malaysia.

Will Mahathir’s plans to ‘de-religionise’ national schools work?

Will the government stand firm on its resolve to change national schools to meet future challenges, or will it cave in to pressure again?

Bill tabled to regulate Islamic schools in federal territories

The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council will be given powers to regulate and inspect Islamic religious schools.

Putrajaya to table bill on raising tahfiz school standards

Deputy minister Fuziah Salleh says all religious and tahfiz schools must be registered and follow state rules.

Raja Muda: Perlis religious schools should offer SPM exam

Raja Muda of Perlis sets 2020 deadline and also wants religious schools to be registered with JAIPS.

Zahid: 400 tahfiz schools yet to register

Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi calls for private tahfiz schools to register with authorities to ensure safety of students.

Amanah calls for more smart religious schools

Khalid Samad says Putrajaya has failed to meet parents' demand for such institutions.

Zaid: Govt must be changed so there’s more accountability

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim says no one will answer for the tahfiz school tragedy as long as current government is in place.

Chronology of fires involving religious schools since 2007

Although the blaze that killed 23 people at a religious school yesterday is the highest in recent times, one that occurred in Kedah in 1989 took the lives of 27 female students.

NIOSH chairman says religious schools must be registered

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health head Lee Lam Thye says safety audits at Islamic schools must also be made compulsory.

Zaid: How is beating children part of Islamic education?

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim also challenges Pakatan Harapan to come up with its solution to managing religious schools and ensuring children won't be beaten.

Religious schools still in denial over abuse

PAGE chief Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim criticises such schools which 'protect' teachers and ignore student pleas for the sake of the school's reputation.

Criminologist: Beating soles illegal, used by dictatorial regimes

Expert says hitting on the soles of the feet is a form of torture used to extract information and is effective as it leaves no mark, hence abuse cannot be proven.

‘Cash won’t solve woes in religious schools’

Khalid Samad says the government must ensure better surveillance of the institutions.

Najib gives RM80 million to religious schools nationwide

Prime minister says government is highly committed to developing Islam and Islamic educational institutions.

Child rights activist: Who is responsible for religious schools?

Child rights activist James Nagayam says there seems to be no clear guidelines as to who is responsible for monitoring religious schools.

Aid for schools, kampung folk and low-cost home owners in Penang

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says he realises times are hard but the state has the money to help because it is a clean government.

Gerakan man retracts statement on religious schools

In apologising, Gerakan vice-president Dominic Lau Hoe Chai says he had no intention of criticising Islamic or religious schools.

Govt must guard against attempts to propagate extremism in all schools

He says there is a need to go back to how the country was originally envisioned to be — a secular country where politics and religion are kept separate.

Tee’s Chinese-type religious schools get mixed response

Amanah and DAP differ over proposal by controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee for government to start Chinese-type religious schools.