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Sabah says letter to solve late registration problems, not another Projek...

The Sabah rural development ministry denies a letter seeking information on remote villages and islands is prelude to another Projek IC.

Kiandee: Government serious about helping remote villages

The Beluran MP says homes have been repaired and rural power supply provided for villagers in Kampung Pulau Tetabuan.

Nancy: Govt ‘agropolitan’ projects to spur rural economy

The minister in the PM’s Department says they will also catalyse infrastructure development in remote areas.

Puad alleges Muhyiddin disinterested in Felda while in govt

The Umno supreme council member says the PPBM president did not delve on matters related to Felda and rural schools when he was deputy prime minister and education minister.

Some rural youths need to be drawn to education

MyPerintis says it needs volunteer speakers to motivate the young among the Orang Asli and other non-urban communities.