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Pendek bukan alasan tidak boleh bergaya agar kelihatan segak

Lelaki yang agak pendek tidak dinafikan berdepan dengan masalah untuk berpenampilan namun ia bukan alasan untuk anda tidak terus segak bergaya.

Beef rendang recipe with all the fixings

The best recipe for beef rendang, a firm local favourite.

Masterchef contender shares her Ayam Masak Merah recipe

Rendang-gate created quite a stir when a judge told Zaleha her delicious Chicken Rendang wasn't 'crispy' enough. Here's another one of her famous dishes.

Beef Rendang: A traditional dish done the right way

Cooking Beef Rendang is not as complex as you think provided you have a hefty dose of patience as it takes three to four hours on the fire to get the meat tender.

The unique sweet and savoury tastes of Coconut Sambal

Made with desiccated coconut, this condiment is best enjoyed with Nasi Impit, Lemang, glutinous rice or regular white rice.

Kerisik: How to make this essential ingredient at home

Kerisik has a delightful, mouth-watering scent, and a deep, toasty-smoky coconut flavour that adds a different dimension to the dishes it is made with.

Lip-smacking Nasi Kukus is all the rage at Warisan Kafe

One can't go wrong with five varieties of steamed rice; spicy chicken, beef and lamb dishes, as well as three gravies, crackers and sambal belacan that make up a typical meal.

Azwan Ali tetap agih rendang percuma walaupun kalah

Walaupun kalah dengan hanya meraih 90 undi berbanding abang kandung sendiri, Azmin Ali yang memperoleh 30,892 undi, Azwan tetap ada berita baik untuk pengundi di DUN Bukit Antarabangsa.

Malaysia-Indonesia: Kerana rendang bergaduh, kerana rendang bersatu

Rakyat Indonesia pernah mendesak mendaftarkan rendang sebagai makanan khas tradisional Sumatera Barat mempedulikan tindakan Malaysia yang mendakwa rendang adalah warisan mereka.

Siapa kata tak boleh buat rendang ayam ‘crispy’?

Chef Jo menerusi satu rakaman menunjukkan cara memasak 'rendang ayam crispy' kepada netizen yang mengikuti laman sosial Facebooknya.

Southeast Asians unite as beef over ‘chicken rendang’ rages on

A hashtag 'gastrodiplomacy' was soon trending along with 'rendanggate'.