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Tag: renewable energy

India to build solar, wind farms along Pakistan border

Country currently harnesses 23% of its total power from renewable sources.

Walmart’s fire suit may ‘spook’ solar customers Tesla wants

The suit marks another high-profile headache for Tesla’s solar unit, which has lost much of its market share as it repeatedly rejiggers its strategy.

Tesla to launch solar roof business in Europe next year

Tesla says customers can save up to US$500 a year in utility bills with their solar panels.

Australia offers climate funding to Pacific islands

Australia is allocating A$500 million to help Pacific island nations invest in renewable energy and climate change resilience.

Petronas explores renewable energy market

It is considering viable investments in solar, wind and biomass projects.

Explore options for sustainable energy, Dr M says

The prime minister says Malaysia must recognise the potential of its neighbours to forge strategic alliances in the interest of shared prosperity.

Institute to cultivate talent in renewable energy

Edra Power plans to set up an institute to support the development of high-quality talent and clean energy in Malaysia.

From molecules to electrons; can big oil become big power?

The International Energy Agency predicts regulatory changes to curb carbon emissions will mean demand for electricity will grow much faster than that for oil as Asia's power-hungry middle class expands.

O&G a ‘sunset industry’, time to explore other resources, senator says

Adrian Lasimbang says it is time for the authorities to look into a plan for renewable energy and sustainable development.

TNB shines with RM3.72 bil net profit

Its revenue soars to RM50.39 billion from RM15.69 billion previously on the back of higher sale of electricity.

Aramco CEO says oil industry facing ‘a crisis of perception’

Amin Nasser says that views of oil soon being replaced by renewables are not logical or factual.

China relaxes its solar subsidy programme that rattled market

Policymakers resume approving utility-scale, ground-mounted subsidised projects.

Malaysia Debt Ventures aims to tackle high default ratio on loans

The net default ratio stands at around 9%, and the company aims to bring it down to 4% this year, says its chairman.

V Sanjayan to spearhead renewable energy agenda in country

The former executive director of Asean Centre for Energy has been named Seda CEO.

Petronas sets up team for renewable energy push

This follows the firm's announcement in March that it would explore new business areas including new energy and assess opportunities in solar power.

Govt looking at renewable energy sources for electricity, says Yeo

The energy, science, technology, environment and climate change minister says the government is evaluating various sources to find the most competitive one to generate electricity.

TNB to boost renewable energy to fight escalating electricity cost

By 2030, the government hopes to increase renewable energy usage in the electricity industry from 2% to 20%.

Wind turbines contribute to climate change

Harvard researchers said that installing solar panels would have an impact of around 10 times smaller than wind turbines for the same energy generation rate.

South Africa drops nuclear, adds renewables in energy plan

The long-awaited update of the country’s Integrated Resource Plan for power sector spendings calls for the biggest increase in capacity from wind and natural gas.

Time to end fuel subsidies

Continued subsidies will only portray an artificially low cost of fuel and lead to more road congestion and carbon emission.

India slaps 25% safeguard duty on Chinese, Malaysian solar cells

The tariff, which will be applicable for two years, will be lowered to 20% for the first half of the second year and 15% for the second half.

Apple announces US$300 million China clean energy fund

Money meant to develop projects totalling 1 gigawatt of renewable energy for use in Apple's China supply chain.

Curb new nuclear plants and back renewables, UK says

The National Infrastructure Commission said moving to an electricity system powered by renewable energy sources could be the "safest bet" in the long term and be the lowest cost outcome for consumers.

Guess who also met with Pope and Big Oil? Renewables executives

In the quest to track down every oil giant and investor that attended a recent climate change meeting with Pope Francis, two non-oil-related attendees have been overlooked: some renewable energy companies.