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Minister wants to take Home Ownership Campaign to China, HK

Housing and Local Government Minister says she is considering a campaign to get people in China and Hong Kong to buy unsold higher-end properties in Malaysia.

2,000 homes available in Penang under rent-to-own scheme

The state government says its pilot rent-to-own housing schemes are doing well.

Rent-to-own schemes don’t make financial sense for us, says developer

Melaka-based property developer says the inability of people to afford homes is the real issue that should be addressed.

Rent unsold housing units to youth, says think tank

Lau Zheng Zhou of the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute says this will bring in income and reduce the need to build more affordable homes.

Rent-to-own or buy? It’s down to the cash in hand

If you have RM34,000 in cash as the downpayment of a RM200,000 home, go ahead and buy. But for those who don't, renting is the better option.

Noh: Penyewa PPR diberi tawaran ‘rent to own’

Skim itu akan memberi pemilikan rumah kepada penyewa asal tanpa deposit dengan memenuhi syarat tertentu.

Consider renting properties, experts tell younger generation

A real estate consultant says renting offers more flexibility while Khazanah Research Institute says the rental must also be affordable.

Should state governments buy and sell low-cost houses?

A developer and a house buyer group welcome suggestion that state governments buy low-cost houses and then resell them to the lower income group, but a think tank warns this may be problematic.

Minister: Change negative mindset on renting homes

Johari Abdul Ghani says renting instead of buying would also help people enhance job mobility by enabling them to be free to explore opportunities in other cities.