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Ex-housing minister urges Putrajaya not to stop PPR scheme

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the rental apartment scheme for the poor helps ensure they can get a home.

To rent or to buy, that’s the question

While the market may be good for rental income today, will it be good for rental income forever? The answer is obviously 'no'.

Measures to boost the property market

However, any move that makes the property market become more speculative, should be avoided at all costs.

Better to rent or buy? You decide

There are compelling reasons for both, so assess your situation and make an informed decision.

National Housing Policy 2.0 could do with some tweaks

Rent-To-Own homes should not only be resold to the housing ministry but to qualified buyers already approved by them.

Banks should give priority to potential B40 home buyers

Minister advises banks to consider an applicant's income from part-time jobs when considering whether to give the individual a housing loan.

Living with your parents? Why you should buy anyway

If one still lives with their parents, it becomes even more advantageous to buy a property and its the ideal investment.

11 easy tips to simplify your financial life

The less complex your financial life is, the more secure you will be. As Albert Einstein says, 'Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.'

10 common reasons why people don’t buy property

Stop giving lame excuses as to why you're not buying a piece of real estate to call your own.

Rent out unsold housing units to youths? No can do, say...

The Penang Real Estate and Housing Developers Association says this would tie up too much capital for developers which is needed for other projects.

Skyrocketing property prices causing people to rent instead

Other reasons include buyers' poor credit score and the oversupply of high-end property in the market that the average Malaysian cannot afford.

‘Use RM3 reward for capturing each rat to subsidise PPR rentals’

Deputy minister says this reward can help pay for rentals of City Hall low-cost apartments.

World’s priciest home market pushes millennials beyond the law

A number of younger people are living in industrial buildings, trading comfort and convenience for cheap rent. Such living arrangements are illegal.

5 expenses to consider when moving to KL

From rental to utilities to food to transport and furniture, everything costs money when you choose to move out of your parent's home and into a place of your own.

Understand ‘why’ you buy, not why others say you must

When it comes to buying property, your end goal is important - are you buying to stay yourself or renting to others?

Property bubble about to burst, warns think tank

IDEAS says the government should allow the bubble to burst but be prepared to carry out remedial work to ensure the economy is not badly affected.

Why buying is still better than renting

Hong Kong has become the most expensive city to live in for expats primarily because rental rates are soaring.

Think tank: Don’t relax housing loan rules to beat property glut

IDEAS says the proposal by the housing ministry to relax loan requirements may worsen the situation given the current property market conditions.

Penang to offer rent-to-own schemes for low-cost homes

Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow says some existing projects will be converted into rent-to-own schemes and more will be introduced in the future.

Is it racist to specify race in rental ads?

A property agent and a politician say there's no need for such a specification because sensitivities can be sorted out face to face.

Reality bites when you want to buy a house, says expert

Consumer group says public must discard mentality that renting is inferior to buying a piece of property.

Survey shows Malaysians prefer to buy a home than rent

Despite the current economic situation, Malaysians still aspire to own homes someday, says PropertyGuru Malaysia’s latest consumer sentiment survey.

Lower rent at 3 people’s housing projects in Sandakan

Sabah chief minister says the reasonable new rent was agreed to by the federal and state governments.

27 new malls to be ready in KL by 2021, adding...

In three years, there are expected to be 197 malls in greater Kuala Lumpur, with property players predicting lower occupancy and a drop in rental charges.