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PPR rent arrears total RM58 mil in KL, says Khalid Samad

He says these arrears have been owed for 'tens of years'.

Restudy decision to scrap PPR low-cost units for rental, urges Penang...

Chow Kon Yeow says PPR units, offered for a monthly rental of RM124, are still needed by those unable to buy homes.

Slight uptick in property sales but no reprieve for the overcommitted,...

Chartered surveyor Ernest Cheong says stock market woes are compounding the problems of those who bought multiple properties and can't rent them out or sell them.

Rent before you decide to buy

If you’ve moved into a home and mortgaged it without having rented previously, you may overlook some key features of the residence that a seasoned renter wouldn’t.

Scam alert! Check your empty units, everyone

Unscrupulous people are renting out empty units at rock-bottom prices to unsuspecting tenants without the knowledge of the actual property owners.

Commercial segment: Klang Valley in oversupply

Where businesses are concerned, some oversupply of office space is much more preferable than having a shortage.

Hotspots or emerging hotspots – both offer good prospects

While hotspots will deliver high rentals very fast, emerging hotspots are cheaper and will eventually appreciate and prove to be a good buy.

As legalisation looms, Canada cannabis crackdown worries tokers

Enthusiasts fear they won't have anywhere to exercise their newly acquired rights.

Airbnb says not property agent, French hoteliers say nonsense

The company has clashed with hoteliers and authorities amid accusations of it worsening housing shortages and pushing out lower-income residents.

Places to rent in KL depending on your income

The rule of thumb is no more than 30% of your income which should preferably also include utilities costs for electricity and water.

Many Airbnb rentals in US cities lack fire safety features

Many rooms and homes available for rent via Airbnb do not have carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, or first-aid kits.

Taxi issues: It’s not so straightforward

Issuing permits to individuals is not the solution to taxi woes as this will only lure more people into a low-income trap.

Singapore proposes allowing Airbnb-type rentals, with tough conditions

Singapore on Monday proposed allowing private home owners to rent out their property for short-term stays but with stringent conditions, a move welcomed by home-sharing giant Airbnb.

Spain’s Balearic Islands to fine Airbnb 300,000 euros for illegal rentals

Airbnb had been found to have been advertising unregistered homes in the region.

Office space: Oversupply, yes, crash, no, says real estate firm

The oversupply of office space, especially in the Klang Valley, is expected to continue through this year, says Savills (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Can’t afford a house? Stay with parents instead, says property expert

Ernest Cheong says staying with family is less costly, and young people, who have moved in with their in-laws or who have chosen to stay with their parents, agree that it is a good option in the current situation.

Consider renting properties, experts tell younger generation

A real estate consultant says renting offers more flexibility while Khazanah Research Institute says the rental must also be affordable.

KL prime office rentals to go up 2.5% over next 3...

KL projected to outpace Beijing, Shanghai, says property research firm Knight Frank.

Khazanah Institute project helps low-income group stay in city centres

Pilot project in George Town stops families being pushed out of the city by rising rentals.

Brawl at Tamil daily office: Lim wants IGP, Subra to act...

The DAP parliamentary leader says the last time such attacks on Tamil dailies happened was during the Maika Holdings crisis in the 1990s.

Rental of Masjid India City Hall trading sites not excessive

Deputy FT minister says rental of trading sites do not exceed RM1,000.

Sky high rentals pushing out shop-house tenants in Penang

George Town World Heritage Inc seeking an amicable solution to the issue.