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Primary school teacher hounded by loan shark

Pahang woman lodges police report that she is being disturbed by a loan shark even after repaying a total of RM18,000 for a RM10,000 loan.

Govt has begun repaying RM37 bil refunds for GST, income tax...

It will be paid within 10 months and will spur economic development, he says.

New PTPTN loan repayment method will be comprehensive, says chairman

The corporation says it is doing a detailed study of a new mechanism which will be appropriate for all borrowers.

PTPTN: Don’t be ashamed to follow what BN did, says fund’s...

Former PTPTN chairman Shamsul Anuar Nasarah says new repayment scheme may increase collections but will put a strain on borrowers to pay back.

Education ministry suspends new PTPTN repayment scheme

Minister Maszlee Malik says more feedback from stakeholders is required for a decision.

PTPTN borrowers needing ‘special consideration’ can appeal, says Wan Saiful

The PTPTN chairman says he understands the concerns that some borrowers may have but the loans must be paid back.

Too little, say student activists of PTPTN repayment threshold increase

They say the repayment threshold for National Higher Education Fund Corporation loans from RM1,000 to RM2,000 is not good enough, adding they prefer the PH manifesto promise of RM4,000.

5 tips when giving personal loans to family or friends

Although a sticky situation for you to be in, get a commitment of repayment from them but expect the very high possibility of bad debts.

Najib: Why blame me for students not paying PTPTN loans?

The former prime minister reminds Pakatan Harapan that it was them who had instigated students not to repay their loans before GE14 and had promised to wipe out the loans.

If you borrow, you pay, Maszlee tells PTPTN defaulters

The education minister also urges people to stop politicising the issue.

Debt Snowball Method: The best way to pay off debt

Dave Ramsey and Harvard researchers say its better to prioritise debt in the order of one's 'balances' of debt as opposed to the interest rates of those debts.

Tough measures needed on PTPTN loan repayment

It is time to leave populist and political considerations aside.

PTPTN loans: Najib slams Mahathir for citing Malays as untrustworthy

The former premier says PTPTN loan defaulters include other races who were also taken in by PH’s promises that their debts would be written off.

Focus on the right issues when borrowing from abroad

Instead of concentrating on where the money comes from, we should focus on the project viability and our repayment ability.

Why the silence on 1MDB debt repayment, asks Pua

DAP MP says if state fund had really made its final settlement to IPIC by disposing of properties in Selangor and Penang to China-owned entities, official transactions would have taken place.

‘Banks must give notice before acting against defaulted borrowers’

Association of Banks in Malaysia says adequate rules are in place to protect the interests of borrowers.

How did 1MDB make additional US$300 million debt repayment?

Malaysians are still in the dark over how 1MDB made the combined payment of US$650 million or approximately RM2.8 billion to IPIC.

Wong Chen: How much will extension granted by IPIC to 1MDB...

PKR MP also asks if the finance ministry will step in to help 1MDB pay its debts.

Losses, bad debts in Putrajaya’s small business scheme, says audit report

Auditor-General's Report finds inherent weaknesses in organisation, with bad debts amounting to more than RM400 million.

Idris: Over 750,000 have not paid single sen to PTPTN

Higher education minister proposes for those having difficulties in repaying the loans to restructure their payment.

Maybank’s Q2 net profit down 27%

Maybank says it will assist customers to restructure debts to prevent non-performance.