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Tag: representation

Lawyer calls for review of laws that don’t deliver justice

Abdul Rashid Ismail says the imperfections of the criminal justice system result in the poor who face the death penalty often getting the short end of the stick.

Bar: Eminent persons in JAC must come from diverse groups

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese says the current representation on the Judicial Appointments Commission is tipped in favour of the judiciary.

Sivarasa freed of sedition charge

The Sessions Court gives the deputy minister an acquittal after AG's decision to withdraw the charge.

Who you gonna call on Zakir Naik?

Although some may feel that Indian Cabinet members have more responsibility in the Zakir Naik issue, the onus should be on MPs from all ethnicities to deal with such matters.

Sivarasa freed of internet abuse charges

Prosecution withdraws charges against the MP after studying a representation sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Tian Chua turns to new AG on right to run for...

Lawyer Gurdial Singh Nijar says he will write to the AGC for clarification as there are three court rulings allowing those fined RM2,000 to contest in elections.

‘Ocean’s 8,’ a glamorous crime tale for the #MeToo age

"Ocean's 8" seeks to break new ground for women in cinema.

GLAAD calls for LGBTQ characters in 20% of movies by 2021

Of the 109 releases by the seven largest movie studios in 2017, only 12.8% included LGBTQ characters.

Penang exco line-up unfair, biased to DAP, says PKR rep

Norlela Ariffin says DAP won 19 seats while the other three PH partners won a total of 18, therefore there should be a fairer distribution of exco posts.

Put women in winnable seats, says rights group

Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor says women candidates for GE14 only comprise 23% of the total candidates listed.

Male-dominated panels still rule conferences, study finds

Only one out of almost two dozen annual high-profile policy meetings studied by the Open Society Foundations had invited as many women as men to speak at the conference.

Transgender artists make history at the Oscars

Many hope that it will begin to change the field overall, and the ability of trans artists of all backgrounds to have recognition.

Uganda shows way in giving importance to women in politics

Women now make up 35% of the total number of MPs in Uganda — which exceeds the global average of 23%.

Najib: PH only gave post to Indians under pressure

PM warns that opposition coalition is more interested in spreading confusion and will neglect the Indian community.

PH must deal with Indian leadership issue, says Gobind

The pact's legal bureau chairman says various quarters have voiced concern over the matter in recent times.

Voters turn to court as EC denies them lawyers during inquiries

The denial of the services of a lawyer is in breach of Article 5 of the Federal Constitution, say seven voters in application for leave for judicial review.