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Tag: research

Time to start studying females too, urges scientist

US neurobiologist Rebecca Shansky is pushing for research studies to include female mice so that side-effects of drugs are better understood in women.

Eating blueberries could be good for your heart

Over the course of six months, the researchers studied the effects of eating blueberries every day in 138 overweight sufferers of Metabolic Syndrome.

Malaysia’s R&D spending more than Finland’s, but is it worth it,...

A public health interest group asks whether Malaysia is getting value for money.

Da Vinci ‘claw hand’ may have impaired later art

The scientists reached their finding by studying a chalk drawing of Leonardo da Vinci attributed to the 16th-century Lombard artist Giovanni Ambrogio Figino.

MH370 search teams ignored ‘Stokes drift’, say researchers

Study says new model taking into account ocean drifts will help in future searches.

Bare-faced cheat: Women ‘better at hiding infidelity’

Research also suggests that less attractive men tend to 'engage in actual mate poaching'.

5 crucial considerations when buying a small business

Aside from requiring a hefty investment, you must also consider whether or not that business is actually worth buying.

Experts: Tuberculosis can be eradicated by 2045

Tuberculosis has existed for millennia and is latent in around a quarter of the world's population.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

Air pollution raises diabetes risk in China, says study

Researchers say diabetes risk rises by about 16% for an increase of 10 microgrammes per cubic metre in long-term PM2.5 particle exposure.

Having a moderate muscle strength level may lower type 2 diabetes...

American researchers find that moderate muscle mass appears to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 32%.

Pregnant smokers may face increased sudden infant death risk

American researchers find that any amount of smoking – even just one cigarette a day – appears to double sudden infant death risks.

Little time for farmers to deal with rainfall changes from global...

Climatologist Maisa Rojas says time is running short for countries to prepare their agricultural sectors for the drastic effects of climate change.

High testosterone linked to serious heart conditions in men

The findings of a research study show that in men, endogenous testosterone was associated with a higher risk of blood clots and heart failure, but not heart attack.

Including your partner in social media posts could benefit your relationship

Including a partner in a social media post seemingly validates the relationship and makes them feel cared for and included.

Large study again confirms MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism

A study following more than 650,000 Danish children for over a decade has led researchers to the same conclusion as previous efforts.

Study shows postmenopausal women with strong social support live longer

Researchers say the results prove social support improves one's health, likely through stress relief.

Study shows eating nuts improves cardio health of diabetics

Harvard researchers find that type 2 diabetics who ate nuts have lower chances of diseases.

Study: Oral antifungal drug raises risk of miscarriage

Canadian researchers find taking fluconazole orally at any dose results in a greater likelihood of miscarrying.

Time-saving interval training may be better for weight loss

New research has found that when it comes to losing weight, interval training may be a more effective form of exercise than doing a continuous moderate intensity workout.

No association between phthalates and increased breast cancer risk, study says

New US research has failed to find a link between postmenopausal breast cancer and exposure to phthalates, the plasticizing and solvent chemicals used in everyday products as shampoo, makeup, vinyl flooring, toys, medical devices and car interiors.

Taking the pill could affect how well women recognise complex emotions

New European research has found that taking the oral contraceptive pill could very slightly impair a woman's social judgement, making it more difficult to identify more complex emotions.

Study explores the risks of ultra-processed food

A major French study published Monday has found for the first time a link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of death, but researchers warned more work was needed to determine which mechanisms were at play.

Don laments neglect of Malay as an academic language

Syed Farid al-Attas also says it's better for schools to teach English only as a subject but to do it well.