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Tag: restriction

India reimposes some restrictions in Kashmir ahead of Eid

The move comes following new demonstrations by pro-independence youth that were repelled by tear gas and pellets.

Britain says US action will play a role in Huawei decision

Jeremy Wright says Britain must not undermine America's restriction on Huawei when deciding whether it can participate in the 5G network roll-out.

Indonesia to propose rubber export restriction in upcoming producers meeting

The International Tripartite Rubber Council comprises Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

WhatsApp limits text forwards to 5 recipients to curb rumours

A WhatsApp user could previously forward a message to 20 individuals or groups.

China to restrict imports of scrap steel, aluminium from July

Scrap steel and aluminium would be moved from an unrestricted import list of solid waste products usable as raw materials to a restricted import list.

Court rules governments can sue individuals for defamation

Justice Ahmad Maarop says the right of the government to sue in civil proceedings, including for defamation, is not subject to the common law of England.

Tencent slump shows what happens when Beijing flips the switch

Tencent tumbled on Thursday after reporting its first profit drop in a decade as Chinese authorities froze approval of digital games the company needs to make money.

Thailand stops short of banning hazardous weedkillers

Paraquat, chlorpyrifos, and glyphosate will be restricted, but not banned, in Thailand.

Fewer calories leads to longer life for lemurs

Mouse lemurs that consumed 30% fewer calories than normal ended up living 50% longer.

Not right for university to issue gag order, says ex-UM VC

Ghauth Jasmon says it is wrong to stop academics from voicing their opinions.

Home minister can prohibit non-Muslim religious publications, court told

The reliance on a provision in the Printing, Presses and Publications Act is constitutional on grounds of public order and national security, says government lawyer Shamsul Bolhassan.