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Raising retirement age will have serious financial implications, say employers

The Malaysian Employers Federation says a re-employment scheme similar to Singapore's might be useful.

Higher wages pointless without job opportunities, says Syed Saddiq

The youth and sports minister says increasing the retirement age will also stand in the way of young employees climbing up the corporate ladder.

Youth unemployment nothing to do with older people in workforce, MTUC...

The workers' union questions Syed Saddiq's claim that vacancies left by retiring staff can be filled by youths.

No need to increase retirement age to 65, says Dr Mahathir

He says raising the retirement age will block employment opportunities for the younger generation.

60 is the right age to retire, says Sarawak institute

Youths will get a better chance, and SIPA director sees no urgency for raising the age after the last change in 2013.

Govt to study proposal to raise retirement age

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran says any increase would benefit the country.

Singapore ready to stimulate ailing economy, says PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong confirms plans to raise the retirement age, though the details will be revealed in a speech on August 18.

Singapore set to raise retirement ages as seniors stay healthier

Minister of Manpower Josephine Teo says a higher retirement age will motivate employers to prepare for an older workforce.

Bar: Federal Court failed in duty by declining to rule on...

Bar president George Varughese says the 6-member apex court bench missed the opportunity to consider 4 questions raised.

95 is the new retirement age, says Dr M

The prime minister says he hopes to solve Malaysia's problems but 'won't be there for long'.

Russian parliament approves Putin’s pension reform amendments

Parliament's lower house, the State Duma, approved Putin's proposal to soften the reform, raising the state pension age for women by five years to 60, instead of eight years to 63.

Give us incentives to hire fresh grads, employers group tells govt

The Malaysian Employers Federation says incentives will encourage employers to recruit more young people with no work experience.

Russians protest over retirement age hike

Russia's government may raise its retirement ages for men and women by five and eight years respectively.

Kremlin shrugs off rare dent in Putin’s ratings over retirement age...

Nearly 2.5 million people have also signed a petition calling on Putin not to go ahead with the plan.

Raising retirement age may hit least-educated workers hardest

This is because less educated workers may not be capable of working extra years.

Zaki’s remark on constitution could set bad precedent, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says calling rule on retirement age for judges 'archaic' is dangerous as other provisions could then be questioned, taking country down 'slippery slope'.

Don’t let healthy retirees go to waste, says MEF

The government is urged to work out a way in which employers can find retired people who can still work.

Retirement at 65? How about giving employees a choice

Allow flexible working hours and flexible workplaces for parents and older employees and also employment extension under contract.

Minister: Govt to study need for seniors to work after 60

Rohani Abdul Karim says study in line with the projection that Malaysia expects to achieve ageing population status by 2030, with 15.3% of the population being senior citizens.

Raise retirement age of judges to 70, says chief justice

Arifin Zakaria says judges are capable and mentally alert at age 70 and that judges in other countries are surprised that Malaysian judges retire at 66.

Extend retirement age of judges, urges ex-law minister

At 70, the judge may not have the adrenalin surges of a younger person, but it is the dexterity, wisdom and brainpower that we want, says Rais Yatim.

Ali Hamsa: No plans to extend retirement age

Chief Secretary considers as premature the proposal by Cuepacs to extend the retirement age of civil servants from 60 to 62.