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Huge returns raise risk alarm at billion-dollar funds in Denmark

All asset classes in the portfolios rose in value which would make it hard to limit losses through diversification, once markets turn.

If investing in stocks scares you, read on

Malaysia’s first digital wealth manager may just be the answer to those wanting to invest, but feeling a little too intimidated by the whole endeavour.

Why is the savings rate in Malaysia on the decline?

Those who can somehow save and use their savings to invest to earn higher returns will likely be better off in the future.

Property investments: Low risk = low returns? Think again

Before you buy into the belief that property investments generate low returns, consider the facts in this article.

Investor vs consumer: Who is happier?

While the consumer generally enjoys instant gratification, the typical investor enjoys delayed gratification instead.

See-To: Guan Eng’s call to follow Australian GST model simplistic

The Barisan Nasional strategic communications unit's deputy says making populist and selective statements is easy but the reality is much more complicated.

Why most Malaysians cannot afford to retire

According to the EPF, 70% of members who withdraw their funds at age 55 use up their savings less than a decade after retiring.

EPF’s US investments not at expense of local equity market

EPF has no choice but to look overseas for different sources of returns as there are insufficient assets locally for it to buy, says financial researcher Pong Teng Siew.

Irwan Serigar: EPF’s US investments will benefit members

Treasury secretary-general says the fund has a panel that evaluates the risks and prospects for optimum returns for all its investments.

JJPTR refunds money to 100 investors, more on the way

JJPTR founder Johnson Lee makes his first public appearance today following the collapse of the scheme, sparking investor faith in his planned new investment scheme.