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Tag: reunification

North Korea fires 2 ‘unidentified projectiles’

The North rejected earlier comments by South Korean President Moon Jae-in that outlined his desire for unification, saying it has nothing else to discuss with South Korean authorities.

S.Korea unification minister nominee: N.Korea can’t have nukes, prosperity

Kim Yeon-chul said he would come up with a creative solution to help North Korea and the US find common ground.

No deal blow for Moon’s vision of ‘peace-driven’ Korean economy

Experts say that the summit was supposed to be Moon's way of distracting South Koreans from economic and employment problems.

China says Taiwan opposition’s peace proposal must include push for ‘reunification’

Beijing regards Taiwan as its own and has vowed to bring the island under Chinese control by force if necessary.

Most children, parents separated at US-Mexican border reunited

About 1,400 children of some 2,500 separated from their parents at the US-Mexican border have been reunited with their families.

Judge praises US efforts in reuniting migrant families

Lawyers for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported in a court filing late Thursday that 364 children aged 5 and older had been reunited since Sabraw's order was issued more than three weeks ago.

US says it reunifies 57 of 103 young migrants as deadline...

The other 46 children were ineligible for reunification for various reasons, including that their parents had criminal histories, were in custody or had been deported, as well as for health reasons.

Think Sabahan, enough with KDM rhetoric, says Warisan

The Warisan deputy president tells the Kadazandusun Murut people that politicians are happy exploiting their 'imaginary disunity'.

Rival leaders fail to revive Cyprus reunification talks

The talks between Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akıncı ultimately proved to be fruitless.

Over 10,000 rally to unify Romania and Moldova

Former Romanian president Traian Băsescu called upon the Moldovan and Romanian parliaments to allow Moldova to relinquish its independence and become part of Romania.

Anti-North Korea protesters burn flags before opening ceremony

One that made a banner to appeal to Donald Trump: "Mr President. North Korea bombing, please."