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Tag: Rewcastle-Brown

Yes, Hadi paid Rewcastle-Brown RM1.4 million, says Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report says it is forced to reveal the confidential terms of its out-of-court settlement with the PAS leader.

I have proof PAS paid Rewcastle-Brown, says Anwar

The PKR chief says he has 'enough information' on the out-of-court settlement between the PAS president and Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Sarawak Report reminds Hadi of sworn statement on Nik Abduh audio

This comes after the PAS chief says he is not aware of the contents of the audio despite mentioning it in his suit against the website's editor.

Former PAS no 2 meets MACC over RM90 million claim

This follows MACC's move to open an investigation paper into a claim which was the subject of a recently settled defamation suit.

Penyelesaian dengan Rewcastle-Brown tidak ubah persepsi umum terhadap PAS, kata peguam

Peguam SN Nair berkata, tuduhan bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin PAS ambil wang untuk sokong Umno dan BN akan kekal dalam ingatan masyarakat walaupun saman fitnah ditarik balik.

I never paid money to Hadi, says Najib

The former PM says his bank accounts have already been scrutinised by authorities.

So what if Rewcastle-Brown’s article is still online, says PAS

Party deputy president says the allegations did not stop voters from supporting PAS in the last elections.

Amanah leaders question Hadi’s out-of-court settlement

The PAS president has left questions about Umno's millions unanswered by withdrawing his suit, say Khalid Abdul Samad and Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah.

Hadi’s volte-face and Rewcastle-Brown’s moral victory

Politically speaking, the implications on the out-of-court settlement are more ominous and adverse to the PAS chief than to Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

I stood my ground, says Rewcastle-Brown over Hadi’s defamation suit

The Sarawak Report editor says the article remains online and unaltered despite attempts to silence and discredit her before the last general election.

Hadi agrees to out-of-court settlement in suit against Sarawak Report editor

The PAS president has agreed to withdraw claims against the Sarawak Report editor.

Terengganu sultanah sues Sarawak Report editor

It comes after the Terengganu sultan's wife accused Clare Rewcastle-Brown of linking her to the 1MDB scandal.

Come clean on Jho Low story, Rewcastle-Brown tells WSJ journo

She says Tom Wright has failed to acknowledge that Sarawak Report 'handed him the story'.

Jho Low seeks to ban 2 books on 1MDB saga

A law firm representing the controversial businessman threatens publishers with 'substantial damages'.

Ambiga: Police yet to record statement ‘for causing public alarm’

This is in relation to suit filed by PAS against Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown over alleged RM90 million payment to party.

Ambiga needs to clear her name over Clare’s claim, says PAS

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad says Ambiga cannot remain silent since she has a reputation as an activist who fights for integrity.

Ambiga perlu bersihkan nama dari dakwaan Clare, kata PAS

Bekas pengerusi Bersih itu tidak boleh berdiam diri kerana beliau dikenali sebagai aktivis yang memperjuangkan integriti.

‘Clare lost pre-trial case as London court trusts Malaysian system’

The London court is of the view that the SR editor can obtain substantial costs in Malaysia if Hadi loses defamation case, explains lawyer Americk Sidhu.

Jamin laluan selamat untuk Rewcastle-Brown, kata PH kepada KPN

Jika tidak kenyataan KPN tidak dapat jamin laluan selamat akan menjadi bahan ketawa, kata Ahli Parlimen DAP M Kulasegaran

Clare: Khalid must have seen same documents I had

Sarawak Report editor responds to IGP's statement that she come to Malaysia to assist in investigating the website's claim that Najib Razak paid lawyer Shafee RM9.5 million.