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How a plan to save Kenya’s rhino left 11 dead in...

It was a disaster that left wildlife lovers around the globe appalled and baffled.

Eight rhinos die after move to a new park in Kenya

Eight critically endangered black rhinos died after being moved to a new reserve in southern Kenya, the government said Friday, doubling the number of deaths from similar operations in the previous dozen years.

No experts to perform crucial procedure on Iman the rhino

Cauterising might be the only way to stop her uterine bleeding.

Malaysia’s last 4 rhinos ‘alive’ — in cell cultures

The four cultures include those from Puntung, the female Sumatran rhino euthanised in June in Sabah.

M’sia deports Nepalese who killed 15 rhinos

He entered Malaysia using different documents and is the most wanted fugitive rhino poacher in Nepal.

De-horning the rhino is ecological tinkering

Cutting off horns is not only cruel but also a clear case of tampering with Nature.

‘Heidi the opossum’ to predict Oscar winners

Borneo rhino 'campaigner' gets a starring role on US network ABC.