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Tag: Ricardo Rossello

Puerto Rico Senate outraged as governor hand-picks successor

Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz says Ricardo Rossello does not respect the will of the people by choosing an 'accomplice' to succeed him.

Puerto Rico’s justice secretary says she doesn’t want to be governor

Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez is next in line for governor but has announced that she is not interested in the job.

Puerto Rico governor resigns after weeks of mass protests

Ricardo Rosselló will stay in his position until Aug 2, when Puerto Rico Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez will take over as governor.

Puerto Rico governor weighs future after protests

Protesters cheer reports of a possible resignation but warned that Rosselló's departure would not end the demonstrations that were now entering their 12th day.

Search warrant issued against Puerto Rico’s governor

Ricardo Rossello is facing a full-blown political crisis over a chat scandal and corruption cases involving money meant for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico governor will not seek reelection amid political crisis

Rossello says an apology over his texts criticising officials, politicians and journalists was not enough, thus claiming he will not seek a reelection.

US lawmakers demand Puerto Rico governor’s resignation

US lawmakers join in on the call for Ricardo Rossello to step down.

Bad Bunny to join Puerto Rico protests

Thousands have been marching for days in the Caribbean US territory demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello.

Thousands demand resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor

Governor Ricardo Rossello is under pressure after US federal agents arrested contractors and government officials on corruption charges.