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Cambodia says EU rice tariffs hurting farmers

The EU in January imposed tariffs for three years on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar, aiming to protect EU producers such as Italy following a surge in imports from the two Asian countries.

Hailam Rice in Klang: Tender pork braised just right

A typical meal comes with braised pork, hard-boiled eggs, braised tofu skin, pork blood and pig intestines in soup as well as rice and a curry sauce.

Kabuli Pulao: The national dish of Afghanistan

Also known as lamb pilaf, the dish is made up of saffron-steamed rice, slow-cooked lamb, caramelised carrots and sultanas.

Eat out: Deliciously spicy Kelantan-style Nasi Kukus

Nasi Kukus is essentially steamed rice doused with a mixture of spicy gravies and paired with a protein of your choice.

Transhipment bungle jeopardises rice imports by Sabah, says trade group

Customs seizes 351 containers of rice for not having an import permit and later changes the charge to smuggling, prompting the Vietnam Food Association to threaten a boycott.

The ultimate Nasi Lemak Battle: Part 3

This local favourite has various interpretations - sweet versus spicy sambal, rice rich (or not) in coconut milk and a variety of side dishes to go with it.

Cambodia, Myanmar hit out at tough EU rice tariffs

Tariffs imposed on Cambodia and Myanmar are hurting their already poor farmers.

The ultimate Nasi Lemak Battle: Part 2

This local favourite has various interpretations - sweet versus spicy sambal, rice rich (or not) in coconut milk and a variety of side dishes to go with it.

The ultimate Nasi Lemak Battle: Part 1

This local favourite has various interpretations - sweet versus spicy sambal, rice rich (or not) in coconut milk and many kinds of side dishes to go with it.

China allows first-ever US rice imports in ‘goodwill gesture’ ahead of...

Officials in Beijing said the price of US rice is not competitive, that permitting imports should be interpreted as a goodwill gesture.

Eleven die after eating ‘toxic’ rice at Indian temple

So far 11 people have died and 93 others have been hospitalised.

Nameless chicken rice stall in Jalan Ipoh is a winner

Delicious roast chicken, flavoursome rice and lip-smacking pork balls in soup, make this stall rather memorable.

Johari Abdul shocked at 50% cut in farmers’ subsidies

Sungai Petani MP says padi farmers will be further burdened and urges government to reconsider.

Home-cooked Mushroom and Prawn Fried Rice

So simple to make, anyone who knows how to light the stove can jump right in and give it a try.

Japan’s ageing rice farmers face uncertain future

Many fear Japan's rice industry will be unable to hold its own in a competitive global market.

Ghee Rice: Nasi Minyak made easy

Cooked with spices and a healthy dose of clarified butter, more commonly known as ghee, Nasi Minyak is surprisingly easy to make.

Thailand sells rice to China for 1st time in 6 months

Thailand has exported 8.22 million tonnes of rice so far in 2018, almost 3% higher than a year earlier

Crunchy, spicy Asparagus Belacan

A tasty and nutritious dish with a dose of spice that goes from wok to plate in a jiffy.

Sotong Hitam: A quick and hearty meal with a kick

Easy to whip-up and delicious to eat, this Sotong Hitam recipe will soon become a favourite.

Spicy fried chicken: Aromatic, crispy and oh so good

This recipe has no batter, but uses a marinade of aromatic onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and galangal to tease your senses and make your mouth water.

South Korea’s rice cooker billionaire

Cuckoo products are sold in 25 countries, with China making up about 40% of overseas sales - its rice cookers are customised to match each country’s environment, temperature and humidity.

Malaysia targets 80% rice self-sufficiency by 2022

The agriculture minister says technology transfer from China, Taiwan and Japan will help to achieve this.

Turkey doubles tariffs on some US imports; Turkish lira rallies

Turkey doubled tariffs on US passenger cars, alcohol and tobacco amid increased tension between the two NATO allies over Ankara's imprisonment of a pastor and other diplomatic issues.

Philippine food agency to propose extra 500,000 T of rice imports

The Philippines is one of the world's biggest buyers of rice and usually imports from its Southeast Asian neighbours Vietnam and Thailand.