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A tale of two Delhis: Deadly air exposes rich poor divide

For the well-heeled in the capital, eating out means enjoying a gourmet spread amid sprawling green spaces but the poor must deal with dust and toxic fumes from vehicles zipping past rickety roadside food stalls in the world's most polluted major city.

Lawyer calls for review of laws that don’t deliver justice

Abdul Rashid Ismail says the imperfections of the criminal justice system result in the poor who face the death penalty often getting the short end of the stick.

Oxfam: World’s 26 richest own same as poorest half of humanity

The charity body says billionaires around the world saw their combined fortunes grow by US$2.5 billion each day in 2018.

China’s rich brace for tax raid on US$24 trillion wealth pile

Anxiety over how the new rules will be enforced has already triggered a flood of Chinese clients seeking to create overseas trusts.

Benchmarking the richest people in the world

Who's the wealthiest of them all - the Americans, Swiss, Australians, Singaporeans or Malaysians?

Better wealth distribution sorely needed

As the rich get even richer, faster, it is time for ordinary folk to get wise on financial investments and the opportunities it presents.

Pope denounces ‘din of rich few’ on World Day of Poor

At a mass attended by about 6,000 poor people at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the pope noted that "injustice is the perverse root of poverty."

MTUC: Make higher education free, cap affordable housing at RM100,000

Its secretary-general J Solomon says under Budget 2019, the new government should focus on wealth redistribution so that the B40 and M40 groups benefit.

HSBC plans wealth hiring spree in CEO’s bet on Asia’s rich

The wealth strategy is part of Flint’s plan to grow HSBC by expanding in Asian markets including Greater China and Southeast Asia.

PM says will cancel contracts, licences of Bumiputeras who don’t deliver

Saying it is no use talking about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if they remain ‘coolies’, Mahathir Mohamad reminds Bumiputeras not to sell licences and contracts given to them to non-Bumiputeras.

Jamaludin became wealthy on his own, says Najib

Former prime minister defends allegations that the former ambassador to the US became wealthy because of their relationship.

EEV tax incentives only helping the rich so far

Middle-class Malaysians only enjoy a small 'Energy Efficient Vehicle' rebate on their more affordable electric cars such as Hyundai Ioniq, Mazda CX5, and Perodua Myvi.

With GST gone, the rich can evade tax again, says Najib

The former prime minister has again defended the GST, days after it was formally abolished.

What millennial heirs did this summer: Lessons on how to be...

The event is designed to stamp the UBS brand on the minds of the next generation of the ultra-wealthy—in essence, to hook them while they’re young.

Young, rich and ambitious: Nigeria’s ‘gentleman farmers’

He identified Nigeria's agricultural sector as one of enormous potential where he can make the most impact. Today, he is a pioneer in hydroponics.

Brendan Kelly: Why rich China should stop pretending it’s poor

China has moved up the global value chain dramatically, with a world-class export sector bigger than that of any other G-20 economy.

Rich moms, millennials make Canada a hot market for Rolls-Royce

Canada accounts for roughly 10% of Rolls-Royce’s sales in the Americas although the country’s rich represent only 6% of the hemisphere’s high-net-worth population.

Forget gold, stocks, buy Birkin handbags

Study shows Hermes Birkin handbags, like those seized by police in raids overnight, offer better returns than stocks and gold.

You’re rich and arrogant, Samy’s son attacks Mahathir’s son

The MIC leader says not everyone is rich like Mokhzani and he should apologize for disrespecting those who receive BR1M.

Alibaba’s Ma challenges Zuckerberg to ‘fix’ Facebook

Jack Ma calls on his fellow internet pioneer to “fix” a social network that had grown explosively over the past decade and a half.

Ultra-wealthy Malaysians drop 6% from 2012

The latest Knight Frank's Wealth Report says the country is falling behind other counterparts in client wealth within the Asia Pacific region

DAP: Rich people travelling doesn’t mean economy is doing well

Klang MP Charles Santiago says many are struggling to make ends meet despite second finance minister's claim that 'economy is doing well'.

MP: Rich getting richer but ordinary folk still struggle

Pointing to car sales figures, Ong Kian Ming says economy may be growing but ordinary Malaysians are still struggling with the cost of living as the benefits do not come to them.

Richest 1% made 82% of wealth created last year, Oxfam says

On the other hand, the poorest 50% cumulatively did not make any money.