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Tag: Richard Riot

Will Richard Riot stay put in SUPP?

Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian says there has been no official application from Richard Riot to join PKR.

Riot’s opponents face uphill task in Serian

Richard Riot is able to draw on federal resources and may be too well-entrenched for the opposition to shake at this point.

Subramaniam: Dr M tidak selesai masalah kaum India

Beliau berkata isu seperti kewarganegaraan dan sekolah Tamil sebenarnya boleh diselesaikan semasa pengerusi PPBM itu memegang tampuk kepimpinan tertinggi negara selama 22 tahun itu.

Ahli Parlimen: Bila akan laksana janji cuti bersalin 90 hari?

Teo Nie Ching berkata, amaran kerajaan kepada sektor swasta hanya cakap kosong kerana undang-undang belum dipinda.

Sambutan Hari Pekerja hanya selepas PRU14, kata Riot

Menteri Sumber Manusia Richard Riot berkata sambutan itu mungkin hanya boleh dibuat selepas 'satu raya besar' yang merujuk kepada PRU14.

Richard Riot dropped in GE14? Rubbish, says SUPP

SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian says the party has 'no time' to axe anyone from the line-up.

SUPP nafi Riot akan digugur

Presiden parti itu berkata pihaknya kita tiada masa gugurkan sesiapa kerana perlu bekerja bersama agar kuat menghadapi pilihan raya.

SUPP invites its former members now in DAP to rejoin party

SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian says they can help Sarawak BN win big so that it can have better negotiating powers in talks with Putrajaya to regain the state’s rights.

Cambodian NGO ‘sickened’ over lighter sentence for maid killers

Human rights group says Federal Court commuting death sentence and imposing of new 10-year jail term on lesser charge is distressing.

Report: Cambodia to resume sending maids to Malaysia

First batch of domestic workers to arrive in June, following discussions between the two governments, Khmer Times reports.

Riot: 13 hotels found to have headscarf ban for frontline staff

He says Employment Act will be amended to address issue of workplace discrimination.

MTUC wants end to cheap foreign labour for oil palm industry

The union is alarmed over reports that the human resources ministry is sourcing Cambodian workers for the oil palm industry in Sarawak.

MTUC: Henti ambil buruh asing murah untuk industri minyak sawit

Kongres cemas dengan laporan yang meaporkan kementerian mengambil pekerja Kemboja untuk industri minyak sawit di Sarawak.

Socso raises pension rates

Human Resources Minister Richard Riot Jaem says the adjustment can help ease recipients’ financial burden.

Unanimous vote for EIS Bill, but with conditions

MPs want Putrajaya to contribute to the fund and extend unemployment benefit for laid-off workers from six months to one year.

New EIS bill to be tabled tomorrow

Human Resources Minister Richard Riot says Employment Insurance System (EIS) Bill 2017 was withdrawn today to pave the way for a new bill.

MTUC slams bosses’ stand on workers’ insurance

Its president Abdul Halim Mansor says it never agreed that payouts were only for workers who did not receive termination benefits.

PSM tells minister not to be cowed by employers over EIS

S Arutchelvan says employers will try to frustrate the implementation of the Employment Insurance System bill despite their monthly contribution rate lowered to 0.2%.

MEF says Riot gave misleading account of insurance payout

MEF executive director says minister Richard Riot Jaem did not give the whole picture of what was discussed about the Employment Insurance System (EIS).

Economists say minimum wage hike good for economy

Rise in minimum wage set to increase next year would not be as bad as employers might think, as businesses can absorb the higher costs involved, says academic.

Minister: Employee Insurance Scheme will help over 50,000 in 2018

Human Resources Minister Richard Riot says govt to table EIS Bill in Parliament on Oct 24, reducing monthly contribution from 0.5% to 0.2%.

Minister says hands tied over fate of 3,600 laid-off MAS workers

Richard Riot says as MAS has declared bankruptcy, the ministry cannot legally go after the company as it no longer exists.

HR minister’s aide released on MACC bail

Anti-graft agency lets Peter Runin off before end of remand as investigations into his alleged role in fund misappropriation involving RM40m completed.

SPRM mungkin panggil lebih ramai bantu siasatan kes PTPK

Beliau menambah, setiausaha politik Menteri Sumber Manusia Datuk Richard Riot masih dalam siasatan dan berharap orang ramai agar memberi mereka masa untuk melakukan siasatan menyeluruh.