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E-hailers upset over don’s assertion that profession lacks dignity

The Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association says such remarks are 'insensitive and hurtful' to the hundreds involved in this field.

Foodpanda defends new payment scheme for riders

Managing director Sayantan Das says the new scheme is based on efficiency whereby riders who do more deliveries earn more.

Hundreds of Foodpanda riders throng Syed Saddiq’s home

The youth and sports minister had invited them for a dialogue over the company's new payment scheme.

Putrajaya promises ‘win-win’ solution in Foodpanda dispute

Human Resources Ministry meeting riders and company management, and promises to raise the issue at the Cabinet meeting.

Foodpanda riders to earn more from new scheme

They will get an incentive of RM100 upon completing 60 hours of work a week and an extra RM1 for orders late at night.

10 problems with Malaysian motorcyclists

Because they're every local driver's pet peeve.