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9 money challenges to tackle in 2019

With 2019 around the corner, it's the perfect time to test your resolve with these fun-to-do challenges to help you save money, earn some extra and stay healthy.

13 personal finance Instagrammers to follow – Part 2

Here are the last six of 13 personal finance Instagramers who Malaysians should follow to stay on track with their budgets.

13 personal finance Instagrammers to follow – Part 1

Here are the first seven of 13 personal finance Instagramers who Malaysians should follow to stay on track with their budgets.

DividendMagic: How to read financial statements and buy stocks

Learn how to read financial statements so you can pick and buy your own stocks in the future.

4 things to know about the financial ecosystem we live in

Banks are business-savvy financial entities that need us to keep them in business, and who we need in return to protect our money and give us much needed loans.

Malaysians share how they save money on coffee

From enjoying a free flow of coffee at the office, to drinking instant mixes and buying your own home set-up, there are fun and easy ways to enjoy coffee on the cheap.

Guide on how to publish a book in Malaysia

Learn the steps involved in getting your book published and how much the whole exercise will cost you.

How to create a blog that doesn’t suck and generates income

Blogging can be a lucrative side income if you do it right, follow some basic rules and invest a small amount of your time and money into it.

How does expense tracking work?

Learn how to track your expenses effectively as well as how beneficial this practice can be when it comes to stretching your ringgit and saving money.

Personal finance and support for LGBTs

Here's a practical guide to help see you through some difficult times as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

How to charge clients: 5 methods freelancers use

This guide is mostly for freelancers who sell services like writing, designing, consulting, etc, and not products.

The link between your spending and personality traits

Once you know your personality - conscientious/agreeable/neurotic/open to experience/extrovert - you'll be able to manage your money better.

What you should know about gold prices in 2008-2018

Gold prices this year is back to 2012-levels, signalling investors’ continued confidence in gold as a store of value for the long-term.

Why we can’t stop spending money

Price consultants advise companies about product pricing. And with advances in technology, it is pretty darn hard to beat them at their game.

4 e-wallets Malaysians love

E-wallets are an integral component of a cashless society and if you can benefit from cashbacks, discounts and special referral bonuses, then even better.

5 reasons why being frugal sucks

Unable to 'keep up with the Joneses', those who are frugal are stuck with old stuff, stay home a lot, and do all the housework themselves instead of employing a pastime maid.

Shopback tips: How to make over RM2,000

Read on if you want to make loads of money in cashback incentives when you purchase mobile prepaid plans, pet food, makeup, books and more.

All the mafan things about personal finance and life

Whether you like it or not, being an adult means getting insurance coverage, building up your savings and investing in your education, health and appearance.

Crypto, Blockchain: Communities, companies and associations you should know

In the interest of promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain, here is a list of Malaysia-based companies, associations and groups you should get acquainted with.

22 things to do at home instead of spending money outside

From cleaning out your closet to experimenting with hair and makeup, there are also books to read, home-brewed tea to savour and getting a workout at the gym downstairs.

Strapped for cash? Here’s how to cut corners

You don't have to live the life of a pauper just because the money on hand is limited. There are still many creative and fascinating ways to save.

Hack: How to buy a pair of glasses for under RM100

This guide works best for low-to-medium-strength prescription glasses and not for those who suffer from short and far-sightedness, have astigmatism or very high power.

6 things to know when investing for the first time

Besides checking for scams, do your research and start with low-risk investments first.

4 tips when buying a new laptop

Besides identifying what you will mainly use the laptop for, ascertain the specs you want, if there's a need for a warranty and how to deal with repair costs.