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Adib’s family lawyers file contempt of court application against AG

They claim Tommy Thomas was in contempt of court over an affidavit affirmed by a DPP that said the fireman’s death was not caused by being beaten up.

Amnesty: Indonesia police beat protesters

Amnesty reports more protestors were beaten by the police during the protests.

Adib inquest now a troubling, tangled web

How did a simple inquest into the death of a fireman become a complicated and potentially explosive affair?

Indonesia lifts social media curbs targeting hoaxes during unrest

The curbs has been criticise by opposition figures as being authoritarian.

No Malaysians involved in Jakarta riots

The foreign minister says there are no plans to bring Malaysians home but the government is monitoring the situation.

Indonesian troops flood Jakarta streets after post-election riots

Indonesian troops are on standby in Jakarta as a deadline for a presidential challenger to file an appeal for cheating in its recently Presidential elections is underway.

Jakarta protesters disperse after second night of post-election unrest

The police have found envelopes with cash on some of the rioters prompting allegations of paid mobs.

Indonesia to limit social media features to prevent hoaxes

The move comes after the announcement of official election results which has caused civil unrest in Indonesia.

Jakarta governor says 6 dead after post-election unrest

Hospitals are conducting post mortems to determine the cause of death.

Indonesian cops arrest at least 20 amid post-election violence

Protests which started peacefully on Tuesday turned violent in the evening, forcing police to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Sri Lanka says hardline Buddhist groups likely to blame for anti-Muslim...

Authorities have arrested some 78 suspected rioters, including three described as Sinhala Buddhist extremists.

Sri Lanka situation ‘under control’ after anti-Muslim riots

A second overnight curfew imposed nationwide ensured there was no repeat of Monday's violence.

Time to declassify the secrets of May 13

A truth commission should be established to get the full story, and a memorial erected in memory of those who perished in the racial riots of 1969.

Woman killed after shots fired in Londonderry riot

The rioting was in response to a house search that a large number of officers conducted in the area.

India court hands 7 Muslim men life sentences for killings that...

A court in Muzaffarnagar sentenced the men after they were found guilty of killing the two Hindus in the village of Kawal in 2013.

Court sets Jan 18 for firefighter Adib’s inquest

The proceedings will be held at the coroner’s court at Shah Alam Court Complex.

Macron to hold crisis meeting after anti-government riots

Macron is set to fly to Paris after attending a G20 summit in Argentina.

Migration truce shatters in Germany after mob violence

Far-right groups and thousands of local citizens took to the streets in the days after a stabbing, with a number of participants attacking people who looked foreign and flashing the illegal Nazi salute.

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist jailed 6 years for rioting, assaulting police

Edward Leung, 27, one of the leaders of a movement advocating Hong Kong's independence from China, had earlier been found guilty of rioting in a 2016 overnight protest that turned violent. He had pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

Facebook staff to learn Sinhala insults after Sri Lanka riots

Three months after Sri Lanka was rocked by deadly anti-Muslim riots fuelled by online vitriol, Facebook is training its staff to identify inflammatory content in the country's local languages.

Bahrain jails six for life over police bombing

The six were found guilty of inciting a mass riot on November 25, 2014.

South Africa riots force new president to hurry home

The riots in Mahikeng were related to lack of housing, health services, and jobs.

Sri Lanka steps up security ahead of Friday prayers

The increase in security is because of fears that anti-Muslim riots could spread across the country.

Sri Lanka eases ‘anti-riot’ curfew in Kandy

A daytime curfew was relaxed Thursday in the troubled Sri Lankan district of Kandy where three people were killed in anti Muslim riots, but schools remained closed as beefed-up security forces patrolled the streets.