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Tag: rising prices

Govt should tackle rising cost of food items, but so can...

Barjoyai Bardai suggests issuing more import permits for food items, adding that consumers can work together to put pressure on prices.

Prove SST raised prices of goods, says minister

Entrepreneur development minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof says he will file a complaint on prices of goods going up if the sales and services tax is proven unable to reduce prices.

‘Blame cuts in subsidies for rising prices of food’

DAP’s Charles Santiago says Ku Nan should stop making wild accusations that the opposition is the mastermind behind food sellers increasing prices.

Rent? No, it’s right time to buy properties, says Henry Butcher

Real estate company says property prices have 'softened' and it's wise to buy rather than rent as property value will continue appreciating.

Some traders already exploiting GST

Customers cry foul at having to pay 6% GST for some newspapers although these are zero-rated under the new taxation system that came into effect today.

Archived: Budget aims to spur growth, win votes

The prime minister is expected to expand stimulus measures in his last budge before the 13th general election.

Singapore election: A lesson we learnt earlier?

The recent general election in the island republic is also a lesson taken from pages of Malaysia's 2008 polls. However, we can still from the Singapore experience.

Archived: Protesters vow to topple Mubarak

Egyptians are calling for a protest of the millions which may spell the end for the military establishment and the president.