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Bank Indonesia keeping rupiah bears at bay

The rupiah’s 0.8% loss this quarter makes for the second-best performance among Asian emerging market currencies.

Amazon, Swatch, Daimler and the risks of a global recession

Five global companies may stand to lose more than others as investors brace for a significant downturn in the world economy.

IMF’s Lagarde urges G20 to prioritise resolving trade tensions

IMF's Christine Lagarde is calling the G20 group to prioritise on solving trade war tensions as it could be risky to the global economic growth.

Prepare to handle any crisis, Sabah deputy CM tells tourism operators

Christina Liew says this is becoming important as Sabah is seeing an increasing number of tourists.

6 investment risks every investor should know

Because you are investing in a global market in which economies are linked, a political crisis in one part of the world could affect your investment portfolio where you live in another part of the world.

Lowering blood pressure cuts risk of cognitive impairment

Aggressive treatment to lower blood pressure in older people reduces the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment.

Post-menopausal women who consume fried food face higher fatality risk

US researchers have found that a diet high in fried foods appears to to be associated with higher risk of death among women over 50.

Morning larks rather than night owls may have lower risk of...

Women who perform better at the beginning of the day rather than the end of the day may have a lower risk of breast cancer.

Millions with high blood sugar face TB risk

The link between diabetes and tuberculosis is known, though poorly understood.

A simple guide to DIY will writing

You can write your own legally-binding will without professional help but is it worth the risk? Not in all circumstances.

Disaster risks make Tokyo 2020 planning ‘more complex’, IOC’s Coates says

According to John Coates of the IOC, when the Olympics come to Tokyo in 2020, the risks of disaster will have to be taken into account

Post-crisis bank rules survive attacks, consumer protections at risk

One of the architects of the post-crisis regulations says Trump's regulators have been "wrecking" the agency designed to shield consumers from deceptive practices

Crowdfunding: A great alternative to traditional investing

Crowdfunding is about raising money from a large group of people and is now used by organisations and individuals alike.

China banks managing US$16 trillion can’t stop talking about risk

Despite slowing economic growth and record pace of corporate defaults, lenders reported lower bad-debt ratios as they cut exposure to the hardest-hit industries and increased recovery rates.

Anxiety, depression linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Research has found that experiencing symptoms of psychological distress such as depression and anxiety may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Depression could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

New US research has found that both short- and long-term symptoms of depression may be linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, increasing the risk of the condition for up to 15 years.

Harrington says Open hopefuls must be ready to gamble

Pádraig Harrington will favour a high-risk, high-reward style of play during the Open Championship.

US plans curbs on Chinese investment, citing security risk

Under the plan, the White House would use legal measures to declare China’s investment in US companies involved in technologies like new-energy vehicles and aerospace a threat to economic and national security.

China property market seen most at risk as cash squeeze hits

Builders have loaded up on debt to expand their land holdings in China’s property market, which has boomed over the past decade thanks to urbanization and the growth of the middle class.

Pick up your walking speed if you want to live longer

Walking at a brisk or fast pace reduced the risk all-cause mortality even further, by 24%.

Britain’s M&S says must accelerate change or die

M&S, one of the best known names in British retail, said it made a pretax profit before one-off items of 580.9 million pounds ($778.6 million) in the year to March 31.

Frequent sauna use may cut stroke risk, study says

The benefits of using a sauna begin to accumulate if the person using it does so at least twice a week.

Islamic banks face uneven impact from correspondent banking decline

Last month, the FSB had said the decline in correspondent banking remains a source of concern with potentially adverse consequences for global trade, financial inclusion and financial stability.

STUDY: Attending child care does not increase asthma risk for children

A new large-scale meta-analysis looking at more than 50 years of research has found that child care in early life does not increase the risk of asthma in children.