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Tag: RM1 billion

RM1 bil price tag for GE15 an ‘exaggeration’, says ex-EC deputy...

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar disputes figure by youth and sports minister, says cost will be RM750 million at the most.

Awaiting Sarawak’s response to RM1bn loan offer to rebuild schools

Finance ministry says any repair works for the schools should be offered by open tender to ensure transparency

No U-turn in using RM1 bil on Sarawak school repairs, state...

Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen says the issue has reached a 'deadlock' because the Sarawak government wants to spend the money according to its own way.

We aren’t showing off over RM1 bil offer to repair schools,...

He says the Sarawak government had to interfere in the issue due to the bad condition of many schools in the state.

RM1 billion haul and why politicians shouldn’t accept big gifts

The higher the value of the award, the more important it is for factors such as gifts to be excluded from the final decision-making.

Now time for legal action, says Muhyiddin on seized items

The home minister says appropriate legal action must be taken following police revelations that some RM1 billion worth of items were seized in raids linked to Najib Razak.

Najib must answer for RM1 bil worth of seized items, says...

However, the former Umno Youth chief cautioned against preempting police investigations on the matter.

Sarawak sets aside RM1 bil for water grid project

Chief Minister Abang Johari says water from the four major dams in Sarawak, namely, Batang Ai, Bakun, Murum and Baleh, would be used to channel clean water to interior residents.

Sarawak wants to manage RM1b allocation for school repairs

Empowering the state to manage the allocation will prevent delays and leakages of funds, says Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research Annuar Rapaee.