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Malaysia can only afford RM50 minimum wage hike for now, says...

The human resources minister admits that it is a 'painful' decision but says it is based on the current slow economic growth.

Gaji minimum baru hina 15 juta pekerja, kata wakil rakyat DAP

Mustahil kerajaan boleh naikkan gaji minimum ke RM1,500 dalam tempoh masa 5 tahun ini kerana semakan seterusnya pada 2020 dan 2022.

Wan Azizah: If a man can marry 2 or 3, he...

Deputy prime minister says this in reply to a PAS MP’s suggestion that the government also contribute to the EPF to benefit the second and third wives.

Marina: Will paymasters of forum suspects bail them out?

Daughter of former PM Mahathir Mohamad laments at how easy it is to get a bunch of bored teenagers to cause trouble for only RM50 each.

RM50 to change voting district: Sangam files police report

It wants police to investigate DAP man for lodging 'false report' accusing the Hindu body of involvement in such activities.

‘Everyone but PAS came to my aid’

Za'aba Ibrahim says people from DAP and even Umno offered money to help him settle the RM50,000 he needed to settle his court case.

No new RM50 and RM100 notes, says Bank Negara

No truth to viral message circulated on social media about alleged new notes, says central bank in an official statement.

Harga kek hari jadi Fida Ibrahim RM50,000

Majlis sambutan hari jadinya yang dihadiri 100 tetamu diserikan dengan persembahan kumpulan muzik kegemarannya 6ixth Sense.

2 men held with RM2.4m in cash near Thai border

They could not satisfactorily answer why they were carrying so much money in their car when stopped at roadblock in Padang Besar and are being investigated for money laundering.