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Tag: RM9.5 million

Judge refuses to recuse himself, so Shafee to file formal application

Shafee Abdullah wants High Court judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah to step down from hearing his RM9.5 million case because the judge is also hearing Najib Razak’s money laundering case.

Court allows Shafee to intervene in Anwar’s appeal

However, the judge dismisses Shafee Abdullah's application to expunge an affidavit made by the attorney-general's special task officer and to cross-examine her.

Shafee allowed to transfer RM9.5 million case to High Court

The lawyer has claimed trial to four charges of money laundering and failing to declare the money to the tax authorities.

Shafee settles bail for RM9.5 million money laundering case

The lawyer's son, Farhan, posts his remaining RM500,000 bail at the Sessions Court registry.

RM9.5 million case won’t affect my position as Najib’s lawyer, says...

Shafee Abdullah claims there are individuals who want him off the defence team of Najib Razak as they are not confident about their case against Najib.

RM9.5 million from Najib was an advance to buy property, says...

The prominent lawyer says the investigation into him is incomplete, saying MACC should have questioned Najib.

Shafee seeks to disqualify Sri Ram as prosecutor in trial

The lawyer says he does not have a pleasant relationship with the ex-judge and fears he will not get a fair trial.

Lawyer Shafee staring at 15 years’ jail over 4 money laundering...

The lawyer faces two counts of money laundering charges and another two for making false declarations to the tax authorities.

Lawyer Shafee to be charged with money laundering, say sources

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah is expected to face four counts of money laundering charges in relation to the RM9.5 million payout received from Najib Razak.

Bar Council told to act against Shafee for receiving RM9.5 million

Ex-Bar president Zainur Zakaria says a criminal investigation should be held along with a probe into professional misconduct.

Lawyer: Shafee could be scrutinised by tax people over RM9.5 million

S Saravana Kumar questions whether Muhammad Shafee Abdullah submitted the money as part of his income tax, and whether the submission was made in the correct year of assessment.

Affidavit could see Anwar’s suit reinstated, says lawyer

SN Nair says the affidavit supporting Anwar Ibrahim's claim that Muhammad Shafee Abdullah received RM9.5 million will greatly aid in his appeal to reinstate the suit.

Anwar shows damning affidavit as ‘proof’ Najib paid RM9.5 million to...

The PKR leader says it proves his claim that the specially appointed lead prosecution lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah received money from Najib Razak.

Court to hear Anwar’s bid to reinstate suit over RM9.5 million...

The High Court last year struck out the suit on grounds that the claims were 'bare allegations'.

LFL: Probe claim on RM9.5 million payout to Shafee in Anwar...

The lawyers group says the new government must probe the allegation and inform the public of the status or outcome of the investigation.

Lawyers: Shafee never unequivocally denied RM9.5 million payment

N Surendran and Latheefa Koya also slam Shafee Abdullah's claim that he could not comment on the allegations against him earlier as the suit was filed and pending in court.

Putrajaya seeks to strike out Anwar’s suit to quash sodomy conviction

Anwar claims he was denied a fair trial after prosecutor Shafee was allegedly paid RM9.5 million by PM.

AG must direct police to probe RM9.5 million bank transfer, says...

Gobind Singh Deo says Apandi Ali must intervene as police reports have been lodged, adding that it is the job of the police to investigate each and every report.

Reopen 1MDB files to verify our reports, says Sarawak Report

Whistleblower site says everything IGP Khalid Abu Bakar needs is in the task force files on 1MDB.

Police can interview Rewcastle-Brown in London, says lawyer

S N Nair says the Sarawak Report editor cannot be compelled to come to Malaysia on her own expenses for police to start investigating reports lodged over RM9.5 million allegedly paid to lawyer Shafee Abdullah.

Just ask Najib, Gobind tells Nancy on RM1,000 payment to Shafee

Opposition MP says Nancy Shukri's response that RM1,000 was the official answer is 'not acceptable'.

#BebasAnwar plans forums on RM9.5m payment to Shafee

Roadshow to discuss alleged 'prosecutorial misconduct' as a follow-up to Sarawak Report exposé.

MACC coy on probe over RM9.5 million payout claim

Chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says the agency will see 'how the situation goes'.