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MACC questions railways boss, 2 others over PAS’ RM90 million case

KTMB chairman Rameli Musa, a former Selangor state executive councillor and an employee at PAS headquarters give statements at the MACC headquarters.

Yes, Hadi paid Rewcastle-Brown RM1.4 million, says Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report says it is forced to reveal the confidential terms of its out-of-court settlement with the PAS leader.

PAS to reveal all documents on its settlement with Sarawak Report

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan challenges Anwar to show bank statement proving PAS paid RM1.4 million to Clare Rewcastle-Brown regarding settlement.

PAS sec-gen at MACC over RM90 million claim

Takiyuddin Hassan arrived at the MACC headquarters at about 9.20am.

Hate, spins, lies, and politics

The high moral ground to which many subscribe early in their political career normally descends into a slippery path of moral decadence.

PAS thanks MACC chief for ‘confirmation’ on RM90 million

PAS says it reserves the right to take legal action against those who continue to accuse the party of accepting 1MDB-linked money.

‘RM90 mil donation’: Husam Musa at MACC to give statement tonight

The Kelantan Pakatan Harapan chairman had previously claimed that PAS received the funds from Umno.

Sarawak Report reminds Hadi of sworn statement on Nik Abduh audio

This comes after the PAS chief says he is not aware of the contents of the audio despite mentioning it in his suit against the website's editor.

Takiyuddin: Nik Abduh wasn’t lying in denying audio recording

The PAS secretary-general says in certain situations, one could not confirm certain matters.

My right to talk about RM90 million case, Sarawak Report editor...

Clare Rewcastle-Brown says the consent order only specifies that Hadi Awang discontinue his claim and that she withdraw her counterclaim.

MACC: Those linked to ‘RM90 mil’ claim will be called

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Mohd Shukri Abdull refuses to speculate on whether certain individuals will be summoned.

A court settlement that opens Pandora’s box

Commentators are having a field day denigrating PAS and its leaders over the RM90 million episode, and they could be in for a bumpy ride ahead.

Our funds come from members and supporters, Hadi tells MACC

PAS president says it is ready to reveal the sources of its funds and dares other parties to also reveal theirs.

Ex-PAS leader shows bank account details in RM90 mil probe

Nasharudin Mat Isa also revealed bank account statements of the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation, which he once headed.

Expect more graft charges against us after PH’s Camerons defeat, says...

The Umno secretary-general says the PH government is under 'sudden pressure' after its defeat in Cameron Highlands.

Former PAS no 2 meets MACC over RM90 million claim

This follows MACC's move to open an investigation paper into a claim which was the subject of a recently settled defamation suit.

MACC to quiz 3 over alleged payment of RM90 mil from...

One of those to be questioned is a state assemblyman, says an MACC source.

MACC probing ‘RM90 mil’ case, says source

The case has been classified under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 following a police report made by an individual.

MACC, police must now investigate ‘RM90 million’ case, says Kadir

Kadir Jasin says the allegations by Clare Rewcastle-Brown are damaging to PAS.

I never paid money to Hadi, says Najib

The former PM says his bank accounts have already been scrutinised by authorities.

So what if Rewcastle-Brown’s article is still online, says PAS

Party deputy president says the allegations did not stop voters from supporting PAS in the last elections.

RM90 million fund suit: PAS refuses to interrupt legal process

PAS vice-president says Nik Amar Nik Abdullah says those who made the allegation have not been able to provide any evidence that PAS had received the money.

Bar condemns ‘vicious attacks’ against Ambiga

Bar president George Varughese says harassment or intimidation amounts to contempt of the UK courts.

No legal basis for police probe on Ambiga, says lawyer

N Surendran says the Malaysian police have no jurisdiction over the issue, while Bersih's Maria Chin asks what alarm has been raised.