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Tag: Rodrigo Duterte

Presiden Filipina alami gangguan saraf di mata

Rodrigo Duterte mengalami gangguan neuromuskular kronik yang dipanggil 'myasthenia gravis' yang menyebabkan salah satu kelopak matanya jatuh.

Duterte slams US for ‘acting like they know answers to our...

Philippine president says America ‘creates rules and norms for everyone’.

Unkempt? Duterte smells ‘refreshing’, spokesman tells Russians

Critics challenged ‘to try to be close to Philippine president’ before calling him scruffy.

Land activist murders show ‘disturbing’ jump under Duterte

Global Witness allege Philippines president’s speeches and policies embolden killers.

Filipinos give thumbs up to Duterte’s ‘excellent’ drugs war

More than 6,700 suspected drug dealers have been killed in Duterte's drug war.

Duterte says Xi offering gas deal if arbitration case ignored

China will agree to be the junior partner in a joint venture to develop gas deposits at the Reed Bank, if the Philippines ignores an international arbitral award that went against Beijing.

Xi says ‘bigger step’ possible in offshore oil, gas development with...

Chinese President Xi Jinping's remarks come amid a recent rise in tension on multiple fronts.

South China Sea oil deal tops agenda in Duterte-Xi meeting

China wants to 'expand practical cooperation to ensure steady and sustained progress' in its ties with the Philippines through the meeting, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman says.

Duterte under pressure to push back China’s maritime assertiveness

Despite his huge domestic popularity and great affection for China, Duterte is under growing pressure to push back at its growing maritime assertiveness.

Philippines’ Duterte to visit Beijing amid China sea tensions

Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, including waters close to Philippine shores, and has ignored a 2016 international tribunal ruling that declared their assertion as without basis.

Philippines’ Duterte plans China visit to discuss South China Sea ruling

The trip would come at a time when China is receiving international pushback over the conduct of coastguard and fishing militia in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

Philippines sends ex-rebels on lavish trip abroad in surrender push

The novel tactic came almost two years after Manila shelved formal talks with NPA gunmen, saying the Maoists had no interest in making peace.

Duterte vetoes Philippines bill on short-term contracts

Labour groups say Duterte risks losing his political capital for turning away from the workers.

Philippines’ Duterte defends China gambit in annual address

Duterte draws heavy scrutiny for his warm ties to a country deeply mistrusted by his US-allied defence apparatus.

Philippine police push sedition charges on Duterte foes

Thirty-six opposition figures are accused of cyber libel and sedition for orchestrating a series of online videos ahead of May's mid-term elections.

Duterte keeps majority approval after S. China Sea issue

The survey was done weeks after the June 9 collision involving Philippine and Chinese vessels in disputed waters.

Duterte signs law against catcalling

The law. imposing fines and jail time for sexual harassment in public and on the Internet, does not apply to the president.

Duterte mulls cutting Iceland ties over UN probe

The UN review comes in addition to a preliminary examination already launched by war crimes prosecutors from the International Criminal Court.

UN drug war probe rejected by top Duterte diplomat

The Philippines rejects a UN resolution looking to investigate President Duterte’s anti-drug campaign.

UN rights council to vote on Philippine drug war resolution

Rodrigo Duterte's government is against the UN Human Rights Council resolution vote on an international review of the Philippines drug war.

Executions ‘rampant’ in Philippine drug war, UN probe needed

Impunity and unlawful killings continue unabated three years into the Philippines' war on drugs, according to a recent report.

Duterte won’t let up on deadly drug war amid calls for...

A Duterte spokesman says the UN resolution is an interference and the nations might be misled by ‘false news’.

Enforcer of Philippine drug war defends police killing of toddler

A former police general who oversaw the bloodiest years of the Philippines' war on drugs shrugs off the killing by police of a 3-year-old girl in a sting operation.

Philippines likely face UN investigation into war on drugs killings

The UN investigation calls on Rodrigo Duterte's government to prevent extrajudicial executions on drug dealers.