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Tag: Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte accepts China’s proposal to jointly investigate collision

Duterte wants a third country to be included in the joint investigating committee to determine what really transpired in the Reed Bank.

Duterte denies ordering drug killings as UN experts urge probe

Rodrigo Duterte denies he ordered police to kill suspects involved in illegal drugs, he merely said to destroy the apparatus of the drug organisation.

UN experts call for rights council Philippines probe

A group of UN rights experts call for the Human Rights Council to establish an independent probe into violations in the Philippines, including alleged illegal killings in the government's drug war.

Philippines’ Duterte loses patience with Canada over trash spat

The Philippines has made several diplomatic protests to Canada since a 2016 court ruling that the garbage be returned.

Bulwark against Duterte falls in Philippines vote

The results open a path for Duterte to bring back the death penalty and advance his project to re-write the constitution.

Philippines’ Duterte set to fortify power as allies near poll win

Unofficial results proves Rodrigo Duterte is the nation's favourite which means agreeing to his controversial plans for the country.

Philippines vote in polls expected to strengthen Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte remains popular in the Philippines and today's polls are expected to keep him in power.

Philippines’ Duterte in war of words over Canada garbage row

The garbage is among several festering issues that have soured ties between the two governments.

Philippines warns journalists out to ‘destroy’ Duterte

Journalists dismiss Duterte's administration's accusations and threats of retaliation as yet another attempt at silencing the press.

US will be Philippines’ only military ally, Foreign Chief says

The US is “the only world power that is a bastion of democracy and human rights, is and will remain our only military ally.

Philippines’ Duterte warns China to back off disputed island

Manila has been aiming to attract trade and investment from the Asian superpower.

EU to probe allegations of aid diverted to Philippine rebels

The Philippine government wants the European Union (EU) to launch an investigation into alleged funds used by the EU to help Philippine communist guerrillas. 

Facebook removes online network in Philippines over ‘inauthentic behaviour’

Facebook has removed Facebook and Instagram groups and accounts linked to a network organised by a Duterte ally.

Philippines rearrests Duterte critic journalist Maria Ressa

Last month, Ressa spent a night in detention but eventually posted bail for allegedly libelling a businessman in a news article written in 2012.

Philippines out of ICC amid drug war inquiry

The Philippines' departure follows the International Criminal Court being hit by high-profile acquittals and moves by several nations to drop out.

Duterte critic’s news outlet loses appeal on foreign ownership

The Philippine Court of Appeals ruled Rappler cannot claim it is 100% Philippine-owned as required by law.

Dr M, Duterte ikrar tangani keganasan, lanun

Presiden Filipina mengucapkan terima kasih kepada perdana menteri atas sokongan Malaysia yang berterusan bagi pembangunan di Mindanao.

Duterte doubles paid leave for new mothers in Philippines

The World Bank estimates more than half of Philippine women aren’t in the labour force, the highest ratio among major Southeast Asian economies.

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa freed on bail

The Rappler site and Maria Ressa are being hit with tax evasion charges and a libel case after clashing repeatedly with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte over his deadly crackdown on narcotics that has killed thousands.

Philippine president suggests church bombing was ‘suicide’ attack

Duterte's comments run counter to statements by military and police officials on Tuesday.

Duterte, whose drug war killed thousands, ‘jokes’ about marijuana use

Duterte, after his speech, told reporters he had been joking about using marijuana but a human rights activist criticised the attempt at humour.

Journalist critical of Philippines’ Duterte surrenders to face charges

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa surrendered at a Manila court and was allowed to remain free after paying bail.

Philippines jails 3 cops for drugs war murder

Close to 5,000 people have died in Phillippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs and more than 2,500 others have been killed by unknown vigilante groups.

Xi visits Philippines as China, US wrangle for supremacy

China won a windfall partner with the 2016 election of President Rodrigo Duterte, who has rattled the Philippines' century-old bond with the US while courting trade and investment from the rising American rival.