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Impounded Rolls Royce: Owner says it’s staff’s fault

Founder of D'Herbs Holdings, Aliff Syukri, denies knowing anything about road tax validity for his Rolls Royce which was impounded by RTD on Sunday.

Kereta Rolls Royce disita dalam operasi JPJ

Kereta mewah yang dipercayai didaftarkan di bawah syarikat D'herbs Holding Sdn Bhd itu disita kerana menggunakan cukai jalan Sarawak dengan bayaran kira-kira RM5,000 berbanding kira-kira RM20,000 di Semenanjung.

AirAsia flight D7237: Pilot says he did nothing wrong

Pronouncing his belief in the Almighty, Captain Ibrahim Jalaludin says he had never given up hope in finding a way to land the plane safely.

Thai graft watchdog will probe Rolls-Royce bribes

Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) said an initial fact-finding committee had uncovered "reasonable suspicion" of wrongdoing.

AirAsia seeks to distance itself from Rolls-Royce bribery scandal

AirAsia and AirAsia X inform Bursa Malaysia they have never sought favours from the engine manufacturer.

AirAsia nafi kaitan dengan skandal rasuah Rolls-Royce

AirAsia berkata, ia 'mematuhi semua prosedur' untuk mendapatkan diskaun daripada Rolls-Royce dalam penyelenggaraan jet persendirian yang digunakan eksekutif tertingginya.

AirAsia denies link to Rolls-Royce bribery scandal

Low-cost carrier says ‘all procedures’ followed in dealings related to maintenance of private jet owned by Tune Group and used by top AirAsia executives.

Police seize luxury cars owned by Datuk Seri

The Rolls Royce and Lamborghini, worth RM3.4 million, were found to have violated several laws.

Polis kompaun kereta mewah milik ‘Datuk Seri’

Dua buah kereta mewah, Lamborghini dan Rolls Royce bernilai RM3.4 juta ditahan dan dikompaun kerana melanggar peraturan di bawah Akta Kastam.

Latest Rolls-Royce model now on sale in Malaysia, for RM4m

Dawn is targeted at the ultra-high net worth individuals, says local distributor.

MH370: Rolls Royce denies engine data report

While the search area is being extended, Malaysian authorities confirm that Rolls Royce has denied that there was data transmitted from the engine after it went off-radar

Archived: Asia’s rich crave luxury hand-crafted cars from M’sia

China and Middle East are the two biggest markets for the Bufori vehicle.

Zaid argues his case, calls Anwar ‘phoney’

The former PKR leader's reputation appears to be tatters after crossing swords with Anwar Ibrahim and quitting the party. He tells why he made the decision.